22 April 2010

REVISIT for Earth Day : Green Wedding: Planning Your Eco-Friendly Celebration

Green weddings are definitely growing in popularity these days. If the bride and groom care deeply for the environment, then this is a perfect way to share your care with your wedding guests. Ways to go green? Keep the guest list small. Use recycled products for your invitations,etc. Have your ceremony in a park and use the natural surroundings as your decor. Give seedlings as favors or donate to a Green cause. Even if you don't go entirely green on your wedding day, find some way to save the environment!
My new friend, Leslie Henkel, publicist at Stewart, Tabori & Chang / Abrams Image was kind enough to send me two copies of the book Green Wedding: Planning Your Eco-Friendly Celebration byMireya Navarro. The book is full of great ideas on having a green wedding. I've been perusing on line and can not wait to get my copy which my brides can view in the e-vents library.
Here is a brief bit from the author:
Some environmentalists say the best green wedding is the one that doesn’t happen at all. Elope, they say. On a bicycle. But couples who stick to a more traditional approach can still plan the wedding of their dreams and do well by the environment. Green Wedding, an authoritative guide by New York Times Staff Writer Mireya Navarro, cuts through the green noise to help couples rethink every aspect of the big event, from the invitations and venue to the food and flowers, so that they stand against waste and excess. It features pioneering brides and grooms who already planned green weddings and share their experiences and lessons, with color pictures showing that green can be as gorgeous as it is responsible.
In light of the mammoth challenge posed by global warming, what can a wedding do? Would it really make a difference if couples served locally grown food or chose a venue that cut down on travel?
The answer is an absolute yes.
“This is a huge industry and every choice for a green wedding builds the momentum for an entire industry to shift practices,” said Audrey Peller, a manager with Global Footprint Network, an international non-profit organization that promotes sustainability.
Green Wedding presents ideas for making any celebration, not just a wedding or commitment ceremony, more sustainable, at any budget.
Green Wedding also tackles how to deal with consumer dilemmas, the new green etiquette and the occasional resistant guest. Yes, some loved ones may roll their eyes at the registry directing them to donate to help save the polar bear rather than to a new set of towels. But green weddings are inspiring friends and relatives to follow couples along a greener path.
And because environmental responsibility isn’t just a one-day affair, the book includes chapters on ecotourism honeymoons and on living green throughout married life.
I love that she also includes ecotourism honeymoons and on living green throughout married life.
Want your very own copy? Buy it here.

What ways did you or will you go green for your wedding? Have you recently been to a green wedding? I'd love to hear about it! Please leave a comment.

20 April 2010

2010 DeFabis Most Engaging Couple Contest - There's still time.............


You must be engaged to be married

You must be planning your wedding for 2010 or 2011
You must be at least 18 years of age


2 - night stay at French Lick Resort & Casino, French Lick, IN

Dinner at 1875 Steakhouse

Fashion Engagement shoot with Joe DeFabis on the grounds of beautiful French Lick

(more prizes to be added later)


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