30 May 2009

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28 May 2009

Not your granny's girdle...........

You want to look gorgeous on your wedding day. What is the one thing that can totally ruin your beautiful wedding dress? Ill- fitting undergarments. It is extremely important to have the right bra for your gown but also important to have other support garments if necessary. The “girdle” has taken on a new life. Not the tight sausage roll look your grandmother wore. These new items feel like a second skin! Favorite brands include Lipo in a Box ( available thru QVC) or an Oprah favorite, Spanx. Spanx is available at Nordstrom http://www.nordstrom.com/.
Both come in black and nude and offer different styles. Regardless of whether you need tummy control, hip control or all over control. These companies have what you need!
Bra fittings—the experts say you should have a bra fitting at least every 6 months.
While you are there, don’t forget to have a bra sizing done. This is an excellent way to make sure you have the correct sized bra. It doesn’t take long to do at all. Believe me, you will thank me later. Get to know your lingerie manager/ bra fitter and they will be your best friend.

26 May 2009

Looking and feeling your best

I was in Nordstrom this past week doing some makeup shopping from one of my faves - Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. As I was going thru my goodies when I arrived home, I found a wonderful laminated card from Bobbi in my bag. A list of 10 items taht we all know we should do, but I think we forget about as we live our daily lives. I am definitely keeping this in my home office, work office and in my wallet. I think these are PERFECT for brides. Many times brides tend to get caught up in the planning and forget the few simple items. Take the time to smell the roses and......

  1. Spread beauty.

  2. Do what you love.

  3. Love what you do.

  4. Keep it simple.

  5. Laugh out loud.

  6. Go with the flow.

  7. Be real.

  8. Focus on the positive.

  9. Do your best.

  10. Just breathe.

Live your Life!

25 May 2009

What to Wear in your hair......

Remember the days when the only option for bridal head ware was a veil? Those days are gone.....There is so much more to choose from these days: Swarovski crystals, feathers, florals and much more.
You should choose your gown first, hairstyle next and finally your headpiece and veil.
Make sure your bridal hair reflects your personality as well as compliments the style of your gown. Your stylist can work with you to create a wedding day beauty very different while still letting your personality shine thru. This may take several tries until you find the perfect hair style, but well worth it.

14 May 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful for ALL of my blog SPECIAL GUESTS and visitors. It means a great deal to me that you take the time from your busy schedule to read my little old blog (I had to go there).

I have done special gifts in the past for my readers and I know you all appreciate those, but I think sometimes people just want a kind word.........

I have learned a great deal from reading your blogs and I am truly thankful for the knowledge and friendships that have come from your blogs, emails, phone calls, etc. I have met some AMAZING women thru my blog and I am so Thankful for that!

Have a LOVE-ly day!

10 May 2009


Happy Mom's Day to each and every Mother or someone who loves and cares for others like a Mother. Sit back and relax and enjoy your day. You all deserve it!

Have a LOVE-ly Day!
Florals by Janie Medley Florals

09 May 2009

nathaniel edmunds photography

Seriously, I just had to STOP myself from being totally absorbed in nathaniel edmunds photography's photographs. These images are stunning! nathaniel edmunds photography is a brother/sister team, Nathan Rowe and Tiffany Stoner. They are originally from Chicago which makes me love them even more (smile). Their philosophy is that their images tell a story and believe me that they do. Fresh is one of the many words I would use to describe their work. They bring a new freshness to the posed photos and they instantly become art.
From their website:
"A brother-sister team with a fresh, eclectic, and cosmopolitan approach to wedding photography. We believe our images tell the story of our clients' weddings. While we strive to meet the vision of our clients, we capture the event as it naturally unfolds.
A great photographer, without being noticed, can capture loving glances between a bride and groom, proud parents, and elated guests in a way that goes beyond a mere document of who attended the wedding and reception. Our style leans toward the well-composed, artistic candids, and photojournalistic portraits. While we do not ignore the posed photographs, our philosophy is they can be done efficiently. This allows you, your wedding party, and family to enjoy the wedding as you planned it. Ultimately, your images serve as a true witness to a beautiful day.
We are genuinely happy people that look forward to working with brides and grooms at their happiest moments."
You can reach them at info@nathanieledmunds.com or call (317) 733-8641 for more information. Just be sure to head over to their website for more delicious eye candy! You will NOT be disappointed.

08 May 2009

We have a WINNER.....

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Congratulations to Jamee from Setting the Mood by Jamee. I'll contact you soon with your earrings!

07 May 2009

Postage Stamp increase

Don't forget the postage stamp price increase goes into effect on May 11th. It will increase from 42 cents a stamp to 44 cents a stamp. This is important to note because if you sent out response cards with the old postage after May 11th, they will be returned. The best solution to the increase is to purchase the FOREVER STAMP from USPS. You "lock" in your price on the FOREVER stamps you purchase. No need to worry about returned response cards!

There are also pricing changes on other services - be sure to visit the USPS website for more info on the increases.

Thankful Thursday

So, today the sky is gray and it is rainy here in Indianapolis which it is NOT good for my self diagnosed SEASONAL DISORDER. It's been so rainy here of late that our lawn guy hasn't been able to cut the grass and our little doggies keep getting lost in it (ok, so I am exaggerating a bit.)
Anyway, I am still thankful for the rain. You know the old saying "May showers bring June flowers." .......oh, wait a minute .... "April showers bring May flowers." Either way, the rain is good in so many ways......not only for plants, but I also think it makes people slow down a bit and reflect. At least, I know it does that for me. As you are planning your wedding, it may seem like you are running a mile a minute - well, take a minute to stop and think of the rain and slow down a bit..................................

06 May 2009

Starr Strung jewelry contest

I have blogged about Starr Strung jewelry in the past, but can you ever have too much of a good thing? Owner and designer, Starr Keller, creates one of a kind GORGEOUS necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. from the most beautiful stones I have seen here in Indy. Starr will create custom designs for brides and attendants based on your vision or some of her own. You can check out more of her lovelies on her website here.

Not only do I love all of her pretties, I adore her blog postings. Starr writes from the heart and shares some of the most moving stories. You can also read about her work on the e-vents newsletter. Leave a comment if you would like to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.
Starr has kindly donated a pair of her beautiful earrings as a prize to one lucky winner.

Pretty Sunstone (top) paired with aquamarine stones make for a super cute and sophisticated earring. Simple, but stunning.The ear hoops for these little pretties are unique and handcrafted. Lovely!Stones are strung with .999 sterling silver wire, and finished with .999 sterling open French wire.
All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog telling us which piece of jewelry you would love to own and why. The winner will be chosen by Random Integer Generator on May 8th.

Starr Strung Jewelry Design is owned and operated by Indiana artist Starr Keller. See full lines of upcycled vintage wear, as well as spring and summer 2009 bridal wear and buy direct at the website www.starrstrung.com. Email Starr at designs@starrstrung.com for bridal consultation information, as well as opportunities to earn free jewelry by hosting a home party.

04 May 2009

Outdoor weddings

As we approach the onset of hot weather, many of you have planned outdoor venues for your wedding ceremonies. I am sure you have all come up with a back-up plan in case of rain, but have you thought about the sun? Outdoor weddings are beautiful - especially in a gorgeous garden with the sun beaming beautifully in a sky of blue. One down fall for some of your guests (especially the older ones) could be that same beautiful, bright sun. Your guests are dressed beutifully, makeup is on and will possibly become irritable and may be at risk for heat stroke. What to do? You can offer up travel bottles of sunscreen to your guest along with your names or monogram, personalized fans, misting fans or parasols. Today, we'll discuss the parasol option.

Their are so many to choose from - one of my personal favorite companies is Pamela's Parasols. She offers the best selection of parasols I have seen. There is even an organic selection - gotta love those. She also has a wonderful assortment of fans to choose from. Be sure to visit her site for more pictures and to see how she can personalize parasols for your outdoor summer wedding!

02 May 2009

Looking for some eye candy? Well, feast your eyes on these lovely bridal dresses from the Vera Wang Collection.........
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