20 July 2010

Brandon and Cameron

You may remember seeing Brandon and Cameron's engagement shots in an earlier post. I absolutely LOVED working with this family. I actually met Brandon, Cameron and Cameron's mom, Kurt as a referral from one of my sisters. It feels as if I have known them all forever.

Brandon is the Head Men's Tennis coach at IUPUI and Cameron is the Head Women's Tennis coach at IUPUI. The theme of their wedding was - of course - TENNIS. They used pro tennis players photos as the table numbers - which were a huge hit with all of the guests. There was so much love at this wedding ceremony and reception! Cameron's dad made it clear to everyone in attendance that we were all FAMILY.
Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Currie!

Venue:  The Indiana Roof Ballroom
Cake: Amazing Cakes of Indy
Stationer: Interprintations
Makeup Artist: Bridal Beauty by Blush
Photography: Sarah E Carter Photography
Florals: Kathy's Kloset
Wedding planner: e-vents: a wedding and event planning boutique

Thanks to everyone for making their day so fabulous!

07 July 2010

Sexy In The City – Presented By MBS Cosmetics and Studio

Hello Love-lies~
 Our dear friend, Sparkle Myers of Sparkle Cosmetics and Studio, is hosting another fabulous event at her Broad Ripple boutique. Brides - you don't want to miss this chance to chat with Sparkle and her team about your wedding day makeup.
Be sure to tell them we sent ya!

You are invited to a special beauty event, “Sexy In The City”, hosted by MakeUp By Sparkle Cosmetics and Studio. This free event will be held in our contemporary Broad Ripple Village location on July 24th and 25th starting at noon on both days. All beauty mavens, fashionistas and makeup junkies are invited.

Why Should I Attend?
There will be free makeovers, product demonstrations and complementary samples for attendees in addition to refreshments. This is an educational opportunity to learn the correct ways to apply makeup and choose the perfect colors for your skin tone. We will also have Complementary “CND-Shellac” nail treatment and will answer questions about new trends in nail beauty. MBS Cosmetics is also offering a special discount of 10% off any product purchase during the event.

Who and What Should I Bring Along?
Bring your sister, bring your girlfriends, bring your best friend. Bring your beauty questions for our makeup and nail artists. Bring your love and passion for beauty. Come and get your makeup fix with other women who love trying the current colors of the moment and the upcoming trends for the fall.

Ok. I Am There. When Is It and Where?
Our “Sexy In The City” event will be held on July 24th and 25th at our new MakeUp By Sparkle Cosmetics and Studio in Broad Ripple Village. We have ample parking and you will definitely be treated like a celebrity while you are here. Our owner, Sparkle Myers and her team of artists are looking forward to making you beautiful, flawless and irresistible. For more information visit our website www.makeupbysparkle.com or just Google: beautiful, flawless, irresistible. See you there!!!

Saturday, July 24 (12–6PM)
Sunday, July 25 (12–5PM)
6214 Carrollton Avenue – Suite E Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone 317.829.0420

03 July 2010

Brandon and Cameron .............Tennis, anyone?

Today is their big day......best wishes to them both and a lifetime of love. They are such a special couple and I have really enjoyed working with them on their wedding. Cameron's mom and dad are wonderful and have  two beautiful daughters. Be sure to check back later for pictures of their wonderful wedding!

Engagement photos: Sarah E Carter photography

01 July 2010

Flower Power from GetMarried.com

Another great article from our friends at GetMarried.com. .........

From wedding day to everyday, flowers make a tremendous impact not only on the look and feel of a room, but also on peoples' moods, attitudes and impressions. Check out this floral advice from a trifecta of lifestyle gurus, and bounce into bloom!

The Flower Factor is made up of a team of three of the country's leading lifestyle experts (also known as The Fleurtations); designer Kelli Ellis, relationship expert Christine Arylo and party expert, chef and author Jeanne Benedict. Their advice will take you well beyond wedding day for a life full of love, laughter, and flowers!

Love Blooms with relationship expert Christine Arylo

Chances are, when you were dating your spouse-to-be, you received flowers, because when you receive flowers, the doors of your heart swing open. When you give flowers, doors swing open in response. Expressing love and kindness through flowers helps a relationship grow over time. And research proves, as I always believed, that flower givers are thought of as caring and loving people who appreciate beauty.

What follows is my advice for building loving relationships, sending love spontaneously and instantly improving the mood of a loved one. Also there to help is your florist, who’s like that friend-in-the-know who has the best advice and the hottest tips, who you can always rely on to help you add that special touch.

Don’t go for the traditional or the trend. Choose what is meaningful to you.

There is a lot of pressure on brides to pick the ‘right’ everything. That ‘right’ everything can only come from one place… inside you. Get ideas from outside, but make choices on what’s inside. Work with your florist to pick flowers that mean something to you both, and the flower will last as long as the memory and the photos!

Don’t just give flowers to the “expected” people. Use flowers to open the hearts of all your special guests.

Flowers open hearts, and what a gift to give to the people who have chosen to spend this special day with you. Give the sentiment back. If it’s a destination wedding, place flowers in each of the guest’s rooms as a surprise. If it’s a one-night affair, pick a pretty but inexpensive flower and place it on every woman’s place setting.

Don’t think that just because he’s a guy he doesn't care about the flowers. Pick a flower that fits him.

Don’t make the decision on what flower he is going to wear. While he may not be super knowledgeable in the flower arena, don’t assume he doesn't care (biggest mistake brides make, is to take control of everything.) Even if the says he doesn't care about the flower he wears, he does, it’s on his body! Give him a few options and let him choose… even if he chooses the one you like the least.

Don’t assume your guy is a mind reader. If you want to receive flowers, even after your big day, tell him so (and explain why.)

A great marriage takes care, not hard work. And it never involves mind reading. If you are a woman who really enjoys receiving flowers, tell your man! Tell him what kind, and why they mean so much to you. Mind reading is a dangerous sport. Don’t do it! Ask for what you need, and usually you will get it.

Don’t wait for someone to give you flowers to feel the love.

Do make flowers a daily part of your self-love practice, even after you are married.

It’s a fact that the amount of love you have in your life starts with the amount of love you have for yourself. Self-love isn’t something you have, it’s a practice you either keep in your life or don’t… and flowers are a fabulous, inexpensive and super effective way to keep the self-love going. You don’t have to wait for your husband or finance’ to give flowers to you, you can buy them yourself.

Beyond Wedding Flowers with Kelli Ellis

Like your wardrobe, iPod playlist and even your refrigerator door, your home is a reflection of who you are, which is particularly important to consider now that you will be sharing your style with your soul mate. As a designer (and a bride-to-be this July), I believe your living space should reflect both of your senses of style and personalities. Flowers are an easy and versatile way to decorate your home together, plus a Harvard study showed that having flowers in the home decreases anxiety and provides bursts of energy that last well into the day. Since you’re surely having flowers at your wedding, keep the floral décor going as you set up your home together.

Have a special, personal touch at your wedding table. Ask your florist to fill a favorite or sentimental vase with flowers for your big day.

Remember your wedding every day by keeping an arrangement or bud vase of your bouquet flowers in your foyer or on your kitchen table in your new home.

As you set up home together, experiment with flowers. Create a “wow factor” with flowers that are bold to add drama to a room, or add flowers that match a color to add depth to a room.

Pick one “go-to” room in your house as a place to relax and unwind together. Choose fragrant flowers for this room to immediately “take you away from it all” and focus on each other.

Care and Feeding: Just like a relationship, flowers need care and feeding. Start by getting the freshest flowers from your florist. Keep the container filled with water and the flower food that was provided, and follow the instructions on the packet. Replace the water when it gets cloudy, and if possible, re-cut the stems one or two inches with a sharp knife. Immediately put the flowers back into the water. Keep your flowers in a cool spot away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Petals for your Parties with Jeanne Benedict

Gorgeous florals are the ultimate compliment to your guests, letting them know you care enough them to surround them in beauty and scintillate their senses. We cherish celebratory times together – weddings and beyond – and flowers help create the memories we remember forever. Plus, a Rutgers University study says it best: Flowers create instant happiness, exactly the mood you want for a wedding party.

Whether you’re presenting flowers at your wedding or hosting friends in your new home, here are inspirations for creating events you’ll remember forever.

Here's a fun idea for an engagement party or bridal shower. Embellish place cards with a flower that represents each guest's personality at their place setting. You can find out about the meanings of certain flowers on AboutFlowers. Write a little note card that explains what the flower means, such as the elegance of a rose symbolizing the elegance of a specific person. Your guests will love the personal touch.

The current trends in bridal bouquets is absolutely fabulous! Garland bouquets are back with long flowing green botanicals and a hint of a metallic floral spray to give them shimmer. Fragrance is popular in today's bouquets such as Geranium leaves or roses. Whimsical accents on bouquets are big as well such as metallic threads with blossoms dangling from them to give the bouquet movement as the bride walks down the aisle. You local florist is a treasure trove of knowledge and will be able to help you pick the perfect bouquet for your perfect day!

Each bridesmaid is unique, so why not celebrate her individuality with specific flowers in her bouquet? If one of your colors is yellow, your fun-loving bridesmaid can carry a bouquet of yellow Gerbera Daisies, a traditional bridesmaid can carry yellow roses, and your exotic bridesmaid can carry yellow Cymbidium Orchids!

Once in your new home, when opening your doors for the first time or meeting new neighbors, flowers truly make homes and hearts feel warm. Find a florist in your new neighborhood with National Florist Directory and create a relationship that will grow over time.

Photo credit: Nathaniel Edmunds Photography

16 June 2010


All participants will receive 10% off featured items.  CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED - so, register today!

21 May 2010

Orchard in Bloom 2010

I was so happy when Deborah Summers.ower of A Bride's Choice Florist asked me to help her with the  tabletop portion for her booth at Orchard in Bloom 2010.  This nationally recognized garden show is now in its 21st year! The Orchard School and Indy Parks partner for a wonderfully delicious show featured at Holliday Park in Indianapolis, Indiana. This year, they have decided to also showcase a  wedding tent -  Weddings in Bloom. Deborah did a beautiful job (as always) on the florals!

Extra special thanks to Jamee Bryant - Setting the Mood by Jamee and A Classic Party Rental for letting us use items for our display.

The stunning wedding gown was designed by Caren Lewis of Cc Elaine Bride Chic.

Our friend, Erin Hession of Erin Hession Photography, was gracious enough to take photos of every booth. Thanks, Erin!

Super special thanks to Jamee Hawk, my assistant. Thanks, Jamee!

Photos: Erin Hession Photography

20 May 2010

Becky and Dave - April 17, 2010

Ceremony Venue: All Souls Unitarian Church
Reception Venue:  Hillcrest Country Club
Catering: Hillcrest Country Cub
Reception Music: Track 7 DJ
Wedding Coordination: e-vents: a wedding and event planning boutique

22 April 2010

REVISIT for Earth Day : Green Wedding: Planning Your Eco-Friendly Celebration

Green weddings are definitely growing in popularity these days. If the bride and groom care deeply for the environment, then this is a perfect way to share your care with your wedding guests. Ways to go green? Keep the guest list small. Use recycled products for your invitations,etc. Have your ceremony in a park and use the natural surroundings as your decor. Give seedlings as favors or donate to a Green cause. Even if you don't go entirely green on your wedding day, find some way to save the environment!
My new friend, Leslie Henkel, publicist at Stewart, Tabori & Chang / Abrams Image was kind enough to send me two copies of the book Green Wedding: Planning Your Eco-Friendly Celebration byMireya Navarro. The book is full of great ideas on having a green wedding. I've been perusing on line and can not wait to get my copy which my brides can view in the e-vents library.
Here is a brief bit from the author:
Some environmentalists say the best green wedding is the one that doesn’t happen at all. Elope, they say. On a bicycle. But couples who stick to a more traditional approach can still plan the wedding of their dreams and do well by the environment. Green Wedding, an authoritative guide by New York Times Staff Writer Mireya Navarro, cuts through the green noise to help couples rethink every aspect of the big event, from the invitations and venue to the food and flowers, so that they stand against waste and excess. It features pioneering brides and grooms who already planned green weddings and share their experiences and lessons, with color pictures showing that green can be as gorgeous as it is responsible.
In light of the mammoth challenge posed by global warming, what can a wedding do? Would it really make a difference if couples served locally grown food or chose a venue that cut down on travel?
The answer is an absolute yes.
“This is a huge industry and every choice for a green wedding builds the momentum for an entire industry to shift practices,” said Audrey Peller, a manager with Global Footprint Network, an international non-profit organization that promotes sustainability.
Green Wedding presents ideas for making any celebration, not just a wedding or commitment ceremony, more sustainable, at any budget.
Green Wedding also tackles how to deal with consumer dilemmas, the new green etiquette and the occasional resistant guest. Yes, some loved ones may roll their eyes at the registry directing them to donate to help save the polar bear rather than to a new set of towels. But green weddings are inspiring friends and relatives to follow couples along a greener path.
And because environmental responsibility isn’t just a one-day affair, the book includes chapters on ecotourism honeymoons and on living green throughout married life.
I love that she also includes ecotourism honeymoons and on living green throughout married life.
Want your very own copy? Buy it here.

What ways did you or will you go green for your wedding? Have you recently been to a green wedding? I'd love to hear about it! Please leave a comment.

20 April 2010

2010 DeFabis Most Engaging Couple Contest - There's still time.............


You must be engaged to be married

You must be planning your wedding for 2010 or 2011
You must be at least 18 years of age


2 - night stay at French Lick Resort & Casino, French Lick, IN

Dinner at 1875 Steakhouse

Fashion Engagement shoot with Joe DeFabis on the grounds of beautiful French Lick

(more prizes to be added later)


21 March 2010

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Photos by: Jeremy Van Andel Photography

12 March 2010


This Friday's featured photographer is Justin Evans of Justin Evans Photography.
My philosophy...
As a wedding photographer, I am privileged to capture the images that will serve as my clients' memories for the rest of their lives.  I strive to create classic, timeless imagery that captures the atmosphere and presence of your wedding day.  My goal is to put my clients at ease so they forget a camera is even in their presence.  This allows me to capture candid, photojournalistic style images that will dramatically tell your story. 

Justin was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about his business and a few fun questions. Be sure to visit his website here for more beautiful photos.

What inspired you to become a photographer?

I have always loved art and drawing, but when I discovered wedding photojournalism a few years ago, I was captivated by the raw storytelling aspect of it.  I used to enjoy taking pictures of objects and landscapes, but once I started photographing people, I never looked back! 

What services do you offer a bridal couple? 

My standard package includes unlimited wedding day coverage, digital negatives, and an online proof store.  I also offer Coffee Table Albums & Parent Albums, Proof Prints, and Engagement & Bridal Photo Sessions. 

How do you prepare the day of a wedding? Any special things you do?

In the days leading up to the wedding, I make sure all of my batteries have a fresh charge, touch base with my clients, pack up my camera gear, and organize my paperwork (itineraries, shot lists, contact information, etc.).  Many times I’ll even look through portfolios of other photographers to inspire and motivate me to take my craft to the next level.   

Who influences your work? Which photographers do you follow?

Zack Arias has been a huge inspiration and teacher for my lighting technique.  He always has good practical advice for both photographic technique and business.  

Paul Van Hoy II is my biggest photojournalistic inspiration.  He has an incredible eye for composition and capturing a moment.  

What is the best part of your job? 

I love that no two weddings are the same.  I’m always working in different environments and different people.  This makes the creative possibilities infinite!

What is your photography style? 

Most of the day, I shoot photojournalistic images.  When it comes to taking dramatic portraits, I use an editorial approach. 

What is the most unusual wedding photo request you  have had? 

During a wedding reception earlier this year, the DJ tricked everyone on the dance floor into having me take a series of shots that spelled Y.M.C.A. with their arms.  Of course, he played the song immediately following the pictures! 

What are your favorite shots to take?

I enjoy taking editorial style portraits of the bride and groom alone immediately following the ceremony.  It gives me a chance to be creative with lighting and different environments.  More importantly, it’s the happiest point of the day for the couple, so they are always beaming in the pictures.

Advice for a bridal couple?

On your wedding day, just have fun!  You’ve prepared months for this and when it comes, just let go and enjoy the ride.

Now some fun stuff:

You win a dream vacation……which do you prefer? Vegas or the Bahamas? 

Definitely Vegas!  I’ve been several times to see Elton John’s the Red Piano show and always have had a blast.  The restaurants and hotels are out of this world, and there is always something exciting happening.  

Favorite wedding cake flavor?

I may be a little boring, but you can’t go wrong with vanilla and buttercream icing!


I love to play the piano and keyboards!  In fact, I play in a band and also at my local church.  I also enjoy hiking, biking, and just being outdoors!

Justin ~ Thanks so much for stopping by and answering questions about wedding photography. 

07 March 2010

ASK THE PLANNER SUNDAY: Something old........

Hi Erika~

I have a friend getting married soon. She is having trouble coming up with ideas for her Something Old.....please help!


Dear Friend~
They are so many wonderful options for your friend. For example:
  • A piece of jewelry from a special family member or friend. 
  • A piece of the wedding gowns of your mother and/or grandmother sewn into the inside of your gown. This can even be used as a hanky.
  • A button from your father and/or grandmother sewn into the hem of your gown.
  • An old love letter from your father to your mother tucked in your bridal purse.
  • A vintage ribbon tied to your bouquet. Even better - add a tiny photo charm with a loved one who has passed on. 
  • An antique car for the bridal transportation.
There are so many more wonderful options. Readers: what have you used or seen used. Please share. We would love to hear.


Photo credit: Times to Remember Photography
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