30 May 2008

Spa Day 2007

As I am preparing for Spa Day 2008, I came across some photos from last year I thought you all might be interested in seeing.
We always have such a relaxing time at this event. These photos were at Villagio Day Spa in Indy.
Will post pictures and info next week after Spa Day 2008!

Sex and the City

It is finally here. The day my co-horts and I get to see the movie!
We are all going to dinner and then to a late showing of the movie. I am especially
excited to see Jennifer Hudson in her role.
Leave a comment if you are attending the movie today and if so, what are you doing special?

28 May 2008

The Knot survey says........

The Knot Unveils Annual Real Weddings Survey Results
Largest-of-Its-Kind Survey of 20,000+ Recently Wed Couples Reveals Unparalleled Insight into the Bridal Consumer, from Spending Patterns to Style Preferences

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Knot Inc. (NASDAQ: KNOT), the owners of The Knot Wedding Network (which includes the Internet’s most-trafficked wedding websites and communities TheKnot.com and WeddingChannel.com,) conducted a massive survey in 2007 to capture detailed feedback on wedding spending, style preferences, event characteristics, and other key information related to the bridal demographic.

The survey, administered by Harris Interactive, is the second annual Real Weddings Survey conducted by The Knot Inc. It polled nearly 22,000 individuals—of mixed ethnicities, income, and education levels—across 50 US states, making it the largest survey of its kind ever.


$27,882 is the average wedding budget in the US (not including the honeymoon). Including the honeymoon, the average wedding budget in the US is $32,660.
The bulk of the average wedding budget is dedicated to the reception venue ($12,722, or 45%); followed by the reception band ($4,105 on average, or 15%); and photographer ($2,651 on average, or 9.5% of the total average wedding budget).
In 2007 vs. 2006, couples spent 35% more on their wedding cake (average $692 vs. $514), 17% more on their reception venue (average $12,722 vs. $10,857), and 18% more on their reception band ($4,105 vs. $3,465).
The bride’s parents (44%) and the bride and groom (43%) are paying for the majority of weddings.
The average cost of a wedding gown is $1,317 (NYC brides spent the most at $2,206).
The average cost of a wedding photographer is $2,651 (Long Island brides spend the most on photography at $4,550).

The average wedding guest list is 153 people, nearly the same as 2006. (Wisconsin brides have the largest weddings, averaging 189 invitees).
Brides are not prolonging their engagements; the average wedding-planning period is 11 months. New York brides are engaged the longest (13.1 months), while Las Vegas brides have the shortest engagements (9.1 months).
Weddings are getting less formal: Weddings are split in terms of formality: 66% were characterized as “semi-formal” as compared to 45% in 2006 and 20% are characterized as “formal/black tie, down from 42% in 2006.”
The average bridal party in 2007 was comprised of 4 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen.
The groom is significantly involved in planning: 36% of grooms were ‘very involved’ and 57% of grooms were ‘somewhat involved’
Reception venues of choice in 2007 were reception halls (29%), hotel (19%), club (yacht, country, etc.) (16%), restaurants (9%), historic mansions (7%), with the remaining 20% going to parks and gardens, museums and cultural centers, private homes, loft and raw spaces, and other reception venues.
The most important reception venue features were: a great space for dancing (81%), a picturesque backdrop for photos (65%), an outdoor area for cocktails (52%), a breathtaking view (39%), and a waterside location (25%).

Destination weddings are more popular: With a destination wedding characterized as “200 or more miles away from where the bride and groom live (including non US locations)” and “at least 80% of guests requiring overnight accommodations” approximately 1 in 10 couples have a destination wedding (8-10%).
Approximately 25% of destination weddings occur outside the US.
20% of couples are traveling at least 200 miles from where they reside to get married.

Couples spent 8% more on their photographers in 2007 vs. 2006 ($2,651 vs. $2,466).
A mix of traditional and photojournalistic photography is what most (71%) couples desire, while 18% chose to place emphasis on candid photos.
There was a 61% increase in use of digital-only photography at weddings.

Top reception band and music style choices in 2007 were rock-and-roll/Motown (37%) and big band/swing/jazz (21%).

Indy 500 Pre-race Pictures

As promised, here are some photos of Danielle and Drew Lachey. Will download more later.


27 May 2008

New banner

Special thanks to my wonderful cousin, Tracey, for doing up my banner and helping with my blog page.
Tracey inspired me to start blogging. When you need a good chuckle or inspiring words, Check out her blog at lifewithmykidsandothermisadventures.blogspot.com.


Better late than never. I am finally posting High Tea pictures.
The event was a huge success due to several factors. In no particular order:
1.) The venue - The Conrad (Thanks , Monica Whitehead)
2.) The guests ( too many to name)
3.) The fashion wardrobing ( Thanks , Kathy Presley and Danetta Butts)
4.) The tea cup exchange

The weather never seems to keep the ladies away from the event. We have been doing the event for 7 years now. Each year seems to get better and better. Next year, we are going back to our roots and just doing the traditional tea along with the teacup exchange. Kathy Presley has agreed to do the fashion wardrobing at a separate event -The Fashionista Experience.
Make your calendars for the first Saturday in January. Space is limited!
Have a LOVE-ly day!

23 May 2008

The Fashionista Experience

A few more Fashionista Photos

More Fashionista Experience photos

Take a look at our youngest Fashionista, Gabrielle!

The Fashionista Experience 2008

I am so happy to finally be able to blog about The Fashionista Experience. I have been waiting for this event was seems like forever. The afternoon was beautiful. My sister and team mate, Danielle Broadus, assisted me in the set-up at The Nordstrom Cafe. Guests were greeted upon arrival to my two lovely team mates, Joy Collins and Denise Mosley. Upon registering,guests were given their table assignments. "Today, you will be shopping at ____________." This was a genius idea I "stole" from my friend and fellow wedding planner, Katasha Butler of k sherrie & co. Tables were decorated using Chanel,Tiffany & Company, Kate Spade, Nordstrom and Coach themes. Let me say - they were a HIT! I had so much fun putting them together.
The ladies were served a choice of 4 different salads. All of which were a hit.
We were then given a Bobbi Brown makeup demo by Terri Holland-Hill. Thanks to Danette for being our model! Maia Bray gave tips on intimate apparel and the ever charismatic Kathy Presley did a wonderful job (as usual) on fashions. Thanks to Cynthia and Cheryl for modeling!
Many, many thanks to everyone who made this event such a success.
Enjoy the photos!
I am now on to planning the next event - Spa Day 2008!

According to the guests ,the event was a huge success.

22 May 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

So, it's the holiday weekend. HEre in Indy that means the 500 Race as well.
I never thought much about it until my cousin landed on the BOD of the Indy 500.
Now, my youngest sister becomes the stalkerazzi of the family. It is actually very fun to see her get so excited about the events she attends with them. Last year , she met her fav - mcDreamy and McSteamy while she was "eating" at Harry & Izzy's.
This year , she took my other sister with her and met Helio at the same restaurant.
I'll try to post pictures later.
Have a super weekend and be safe!

Grooms need love, too !

While watching some of the many bridal shows on tv, I have noticed that the groom is often left out of the fun stuff! Here are a few ways to make him enjoy the wedding planning as much as you:

* A day of golf for him and a few of his special friends
* Tickets to his favorite sporting event
* A party with all of HIS favorite foods and drinks
* Create a special drink in his honor to be served on the wedding day
* A grooms cake ( an oldie but a goody)

These are just a few items to help make him feel as special as he is. Feel free to comment leaving any ideas you may have used or would like to use.

Have a LOVE-ly day!

20 May 2008

Bra fittings

I'm always praising the Le Mystere bras available at Nordstrom. Now, a little info on how often you should have a bra fitting. My source, Maia Bray, Manager of Intimates @ Nordstrom-Indy tells us that we should have a bra fitting at least every 6 months.
Keep in mind that weight loss or weight gain can cause your size to change. Another hint- make sure you use the first set of hooks. If you have to move them, then you know it's time to get a fitting. You should have your bra sized if either of these occur. It doesn't take long and there are so many wonderful bras out there to choose from.

Personalize your wedding or event

What better way to showcase who you are than by planning your event based on YOU!
It could be a simple as your favorite color combinations or as elaborate as your hobbies.
One of my brides has decided to incorporate her future husbands comedic interests. They will have a comedy show featuring many of the funny friends at the rehearsal dinner. How fun is that?

Future post - Details & PHOTOS from The Fashionista Experience! We had a wonderful time. Many thanks to Kathy Presley, Maia Bray and Terri Hall, all from Nordstrom, who shared their expertise on fashion wardrobing to bra fittings and makeup!

Have a LOVE-ly day!

01 May 2008

Style Your Dream Wedding

I was just given the most beautiful and informative wedding book I have ever seen - Style Your Dream Wedding by Susie Coelho. It is chock full of useful wedding information that every bride would love to know. The pictures are absolutely breathtaking. I especially love all of the love quotes in the book. I flipped thru all of the book last night, but plan to savor each page soon. One big awesome surprise was the wedding music cd in the back of the book. It contains 12 or 13 instrumentals.
Buy your copy from Borders , Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Or , if you are one of my brides, you may look at mine for free :).

Have a LOVE-ly Day!
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