29 December 2009

Bridal Shows 2010

'Tis the season for bridal shows. The first one of the 2010 in Indianapolis is January 3,  at The Ritz Charles - (more details below). The Ritz Charles always has an amazing show and I am sure this one will be no exception.  Everyone is full of renewal and grand thoughts for the new year. As a bride (9 years ago), I was able to go to several shows in my area. I liked both the smaller ones and the larger ones. The small one where there may just be a few vendors has a more intimate feel. I would strongly urge you to try to attend one of the smaller ones first. You may just find your vendors there. You will definitely have more 1:1 time with your vendors. The larger ones are a little more tricky. I remember being completely overwhelmed when I attended the first one as a bride. I always prepare my brides for their first bridal show. The trick is to go prepared and to understand that there will be ALOT of people at the larger ones. Lots of vendors AND lots of other brides, MOB, Bridesmaids,etc. Below are some pointers to keep in mind when you go. They are in no particular order:

*Pre-register. Chances are you're going to have to pay a few dollars to go in. Most times, you can pre-register online and save some money, so do this if it's an option. It will also save you some time at the door. That means more time on the floor to research vendors.
*Check with your wedding planner for free tickets. Most times, the bride and groom receive free tickets.
* Grab a bag or two. If you're handed a bag when you enter, take it! You're going to be collecting lots and lots of paper with vendors information on it and it's nice just to be able to slip into the bag. My brides LOVE the bags they receive at the vacation booths. Your second bag can be used to discard some of the items thrust upon you that you don't want and have a hard time telling the vendor "no, thanks". Just remember to recycle.
* Take a pen. This way as you collect those pieces of paper you can make a star on the ones you like, so if there are a lot of vendors you can remember who's who when you get home.
* Ask questions. That's what bridal shows are all about -- getting to talk to the vendors. Find out exactly what they mean by on their handouts. Ask details about the packages they offer or how flexible they are about customization for your wedding. Also, make sure they have your date available. If there is a vendor you are really interested in hiring, make sure you grab a business card, info and make an introduction. It is very likely that they will remember something about you. You'll have more time later to chat if you can schedule something with them a few days after the show.
* Avoid entering your name into every drawing. Most times, you will only receive a lot of solicitation phone calls from vendors you really are not interested in anyway. Only enter if you are really interested and won't screen their calls.
* Limit the people you take with you. You will have a ton of vendors to review and this is truly for you and your groom. I would suggest taking: the groom, planner, mother or anyone who is close to you and you feel will be helpful. Just make sure to keep your number to two extras per show.
*Allot enough time. For a larger show, this means at least 3 - 4 hours. You don't want to feel rushed. Why not make a day of it and have brunch or dinner afterwards?
*Go later in the day.  The busiest time is at the very beginning of the show. Rest assured the vendors will still have plenty of items on hand to pass out to you.
*Take your camera or camera phone.  For photographing some of the displays.
* Have a plan. Most times, the same vendors will be at each show. If you believe you will be overwhelmed by the size of the show, then just visit a few vendor categories to visit.
*Wear comfortable shoes! Whether comfort to you is sneakers or stilettos, just be sure to wear what is comfortable for you. ( My husband thinks I am crazy because heels are MUCH more comfortable for me) You will be walking A LOT and most times the flooring is NOT carpeted.
What tips have you found helpful? I'd love to hear them!

January 2010 Shows:

January 3, 2010 Indianapolis Monthly Bridal Show
Ritz Charles
Carmel, Indiana
Admission: FREE
More info here

January 9th & 10th 2010 Perfect Wedding Guide
Scottish Rite Cathedral
Indianapolis, Indiana
Admission: Free for Brides and Grooms (must register)
Register here

January 17, 2010 Ace Party Rental, LOVE IS IN THE AIR
Indianapolis Executive Airport
Indianapolis, Indiana
More info here

Photo credit: Lemongrass Photography

e-vents Engagement Contest 2009

With the start of one of the biggest engagement times of the year, e-vents: a wedding and event planning company is having an Engagement Story Contest!
Did he get down on one knee? Did he take you on a special trip, Did you propose to him? Did he involve family and friends?  We want ALL of the details! The more details the better.

Who is eligible?

Anyone with an engagement story from 10/01/2009 - 1/05/10

What do I need to do to enter?

1.)Submit a photo of you and your fiance' to egrego160@gmail.com

2.)Submit your engagement story with full details to egrego160@gmail.com  

3.) Engagement story must be at least 250 words.

4.) Wedding must take place in 2010 or 2011 and be in the Indianapolis area - including Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Avon, Brownsburg.

Please note - all entries will be posted on the e-vents blog page.

What does the winner receive?

Month of  wedding coordination package  from events: a wedding and event planning boutique (based on availible dates in 2010).  $1200 value

Complimentary admission to ALL  e-vents: a wedding and event planning boutique  Bridal Boutique wedding workshops.

What are the rules?

*Engagement stories must be from NEWLY engaged couples from 10/01/09 to 1/05/10
*Deadline ends midnight 1/05/109 - no exceptions

*Winner will be announced on this blog on  1/14/10.

Who are the judges?
*e-vents: a wedding and event planning company owner, Erika Gregory and team members.
* The Grooms Guide owner, Shaune Shelby.
*VOTES cast on our blog,  by readers. Be sure to send your friends and family here to vote!

Good luck to each of you!

Photo credits:  The Amazing Brooke and Pedro Photography

BTW - If you haven't seen Brooke and Pedros website, you MUST click the link above for some true eye candy.

11 December 2009

Wedding Weekend Buzz in Indy

The next few months will be FULL of wedding related events (bridal shows, open houses,etc.) in Indianapolis. I want to be sure our Indy brides and readers are kept abreast of all of the happenings in and around Indy. Be sure to send us any special wedding related event you may know of at erika@e-ventswedding.com  and we will post each Thursday night!

Bridal Happenings for 12/11/09 thru 12/13/09:

21 S Range Line Road, Suite 100

Carmel, Indiana 46032


Be sure to stop by and see Heather Lapham Kuhn at her beautiful new boutique. Tell her we sent you.....

05 December 2009

Classy Engagement Photoshoot


Many of you know my love of great wedding photographer's websites and blogs. I could spend most of the day viewing the sites. Lucky thing that I get to do this when researching photographers for brides or for info for this blog. I really enjoy the fun and flirty engagement shots most couples do. However, when I came across these photos from Megan W. Photography, I was IN LOVE (again) with the dressed up  engagement photos of Matt & Erica. Erica is a girl after my own heart with her Tiffany bracelet, stilettos and pencil skirt.
One of my all - time favorite Indiana photographers is Megan Wynn-Grandi.  Her photography seems to really give you the feel of love for each couples she photographs. You can also tell she really connects with her couples. I can not stress to brides how important it is to connect to your photographer. You will be spending A LOT of time with your photographer and you need someone who will make you and your fiance feel comfortable.

Photos Courtesy: Megan W. Photography

04 December 2009

Thanking Your Wedding Party ( a post by GetMarried.com)

Etiquette and gift ideas for thanking your bridesmaids and groomsmen.
There are two ways to go when choosing thank-you gifts for those great friends who saw you through thick and thin (and probably a few wedding-planning meltdowns). Give him or her all the same thing or give each person something different. If you choose an all-the-same gift, try to personalize it by engraving their initials and/or the wedding date on the gift. If you go the something-different-for-each route, wrap them all identically with paper and ribbon that matches your wedding theme.

When and where?

A bridesmaids’ luncheon is a great opportunity to present your presents. Die-hard traditionalists indulging in the bachelors’ dinner can gift their groomsmen then. The rehearsal dinner is also a good choice if you’d like to give everyone a big thank-you at the same time.

How much to spend?

Since the Best Man and the Maid of Honor usually play more substantial roles on the wedding day and in the preparation leading up to the big day, their gifts should reflect that. Gifts for the rest of the attendants should be of equal value if you decide to give each person something different.

Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids


• A Personalized Manicure Set

• Lovebirds Chrome Bottle Stopper

• Monogrammed Jewelry Pouch

• Monogrammed Cosmetic Travel Bag


• Monogrammed Weekender Tote filled with spa goodies

• Photo Album filled with memories of your friendship

• Personalized Spa Slippers

• Crystal and Pearl Personalized Friendship Bracelet


• A deluxe picnic cooler —complete with blanket and a bottle of wine

• Theater or concert tickets

• A gift certificate to her favorite spa

• Hanging Toiletry Bag

Gift Ideas for Your Groomsmen


• Chrome Top Hate Bottle Stopper

• Monogrammed Shot Glass

• Movie Passes

• iTunes Giftcard


• Engraved Bottle Opener Key Chain

• Engraved Stainless Steal Army Knife

• Leather Money Clip

• Catch All Tray = making men more organized, one groomsman at a time


• Monogrammed Silver Cuff Links

• Leather Travel Case

• Deluxe Grilling Set

• Personalized Bar Sign = complete bragging right

28 November 2009


Dear Planner:
 My fiance and I want to incorporate a few eco-friendly items/services to our wedding day. What are a few things we can do?
Happily Ever After

My Dearest Happily~
Whether you are just beginning or deep into your wedding planning, they are many things you can include in your wedding to make it more eco-friendly. A few of my favorites:

  • A Wedding Menu Board and/or Place Card Board:   Depending on the theme of your wedding, these can be created on foam board, black board and a few other options. I LOVE the foam board options. Incorporate your theme/monogram at the time and create away. Take the file to your nearest printer and the board can be printed quickly (usually within one week). You can also have a calligrapher create a board. I adore the romantic feel of calligraphy and what a wonderful touch for your guests. {Photo credit: Weddingbee.com}
  • Water Stations:  You may have noticed that many restaurants don't automatically offer water to you. It's not that they are being stingy or want you to order their bottled water. In most instances, they are trying to conserve water. You can do the same at your wedding. How many glasses go untouched? Have your caterer or venue offer a water station - complete with beautiful glasses and carafes, lemons, limes, etc. The guests can help themselves or you may opt to have a  water  station attendant.

  • Use potted plants as centerpieces: Tulips, Amaryllis, paperwhites are a wonderful choices. Let guests take the plants home and plant the bulbs at the appropriate time. For the centerpiece that keeps on blooming. {photo Credit: ehow.com}

  • Wedding gifts: Create a wedding gift registry with the I Do Foundation's partner stores and up to 10% of gift purchases will be donated to your favorite charity.

I hope this list helps you a bit in planning your wedding!

    20 November 2009

    Thanksgiving Week

    We are a little less than a week away from one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving. Sure, most people may think it's because of the wonderful food. That is partially true. I love the holiday because it brindgs family and friends together in the most wonderful way. My husband and I host the Thanksgiving Day dinner every year at our home. That doesn't mean that we  I cook everything. Far from it...... I roast the turkey and turkey breast and usually make stuffing and additional side (enough to feed at least 20 including leftovers) and a dessert. Family and a few friends round out the meal with wonderful dishes: ham, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, tossed salad, yams, cranberry sauce, greens,  green beans, sweet potato pies, cakes, apple pies and dirty rice. Yes, I said dirty rice. My sister and her family (mainly her family) LOVE dirty rice. Heck, they love ANY kind of rice. So, for the last 17 years, we've had dirty rice and it has become a wonderful tradition.  I LOVE having people over for Thanksgiving - must be the planner in me. It's wonderful to catch up with everyone. It's especially fun now that we have a tone of kids in the family. We always invite guests who may not be able to go out of town to be with their own family and adopt them as our own. After we have stuffed ourselves and play a few games, the BLACK FRIDAY crew attends to the planning our stragety for the next day. I know, I know - most of you HATE the BLACK FRIDAY shopping thing. Trust me, I don't get caught up in the madness of the crowd trying to get one of six must have items in the store. I ususally go in the other direction - to the cleaning supplies and other household items. It's become a wonderful family tradition were I get to spend another day with the ladies in teh family! My nephew also comes - I love hanging with him. I think he comes more because I want him to than he really wants to (did that make sense?).  Once we hit the major stores, it's off to breakfast were we try to recharge and then off to Keystone at the Crossing for more shopping. I love going to the Crossing because of the classy Christmas decorations.
    What traditions do you and your family have? I'd love to hear about it.

    Photo Credit: HGTV.com

    12 November 2009

    Southern Style Weddings

    Just in time for Thanksgiving and I am SUPER thankful for the newest edition of Southern Weddings Magazine from the wonderful ladies at Southern Weddings. If you recall the premier issue was GORGEOUS and full of wonderful ideas for your wedding. My brides ADORE this magazine. Guess what? My brides will be receiving this magazine from me very soon. The magazine hit the news stands this week! Grooms - don't feel left out - be sure to check out the Grooms Fashion Exclusive.

    09 November 2009

    Indiana Bridal Photographer Hosts Contest

    Austin Warnock is holding a wedding photography contest. His hope is to get responses from prospective brides that may have unique and creative wedding plans. Included in the wedding
    package giveaway is:

    an unlimited number of hours of shooting on their wedding day (covered by myself and an assistant)

    an engagement session

    High Resolution DVD copyright free

    The winner will be responsible for covering the cost of film (approximately $500 + any travel expenses)

    EST value of $4000.00

    Includes a 25% discount on all albums

    How to Enter:
    1. Submit a photo of both the bride and groom
    2. Give a brief description of the details/location/what it is that makes your wedding unique
    3. Date of Wedding

    Send the above information to austinwarnockphotography@gmail.com before Feb 1st 2010. Subject Line: "Contest" - Don't forget to tell Austin you found it here on our blog!

    Here's a litle bit of background info on Austin Warnock:
    I grew up in a camera store that was owned by my grandfather and have always loved and been enamored with cameras and photography.
    I modeled in New York City for big name photographers landing advertising campaigns for Prada, and worked on spreads for L'uomo Vogue.
    I moved back to Indianapolis after traveling the world for four years. I picked up my camera and began shooting bands and started getting published nationally. I started shooting weddings last year and really looked to bring a fine art documentary approach to the wedding day. I absolutely LOVE film and shoot about 90% film which seems to be nearly unheard of here in Indianapolis. I believe in film and love it for it's ability to bring out depth and contrast in the final image.

    08 November 2009

    ASK THE PLANNER SUNDAY - Who pays for what?

    I probably get this question more often than not from bridal couples. Of course, there are the traditional lists:

    Bride's Family
    All Reception Costs
    Church Fees
    Groom's Rings
    Flowers for Church, Bridesmaids and Reception
    Music for Ceremony
    Transportation for Bridal Party
    Gifts for Bridal Party
    Groom's Gift
    Lodging for Bridesmaids, if necessary

    Groom's Family
    Bride's Ring
    Clergy Fees
    Bride's Bouquet, Corsages and Boutonnieres
    Rehearsal Dinner
    Transportation for Groomsmen
    Gifts for Groomsmen
    Bride's Gift
    Lodging for Groomsmen, if necessary

    Bridal Party
    Your Attire
    The Shower
    If you're from out-of-town, Transportation to the Town the wedding is in
    Gift for the Couple

    Your Attire
    The Stag
    If you're from out-of-town, Transportation to the Town the wedding is in
    Gift for the Couple

    Believe me, I KNOW these list are old and most couples do not follow this. I suggest to my clients to only use this as a guideline. Each couple should decide what their budget is and discuss all other expenses per the list with their parents.

    06 November 2009

    Fall in Love with Indy - the ABC conference in Indianapolis

    I am so excited to be attending the Association of Bridal Consultants National Convention November 8-10th in Indianapolis, Indiana at the beautiful Hyatt in downtown Indianapolis. There will be hundreds of wedding planners/designers from across this country and many others. I am so excited about meeting and learning from each of them. I will definitely keep you all updated and share some pictures of the event!

    05 November 2009

    Two to Tango

    Some of you have been planning your wedding for a while and some have been planning your wedding for just a short while. Have you noticed that at times it seems that all of your conversations and activities with your fiance revolve around planning your wedding? You absolutely MUST take the time to keep your relationship growing. Two for Tango could be the perfect thing for you! What is Two for Tango? It is a new way to release your stress, get in shape and improve your relationship all at the same time. There are many similarities between dance and relationship. This event is for couples who want to learn how to respect the boundaries of their partner without stepping on their toes. Added bonus? You'll learn ballroom dance. How great would it be share what you learned during your first dance as husband and wife?

    Date: November 21, 2009
    Time: 10am - 5pm
    Location: Fred Astaire Dance School
    6213 La Pas Tr. #200, Indy, 46268
    Cost: $199 per couple
    Register at here or call 317.507.6883/317.833.9898
    Lunch will be provided

    A little about the instructors:

    Lacee Jacobs is a certified relationship coach through the
    Hendricks Institute and Center for Right Relationships.
    Lacee has over 250 hours of formal training and years of
    successful experience transforming couples.

    Chris Ford has taught ballroom dancing for over 27
    years and is experienced as a competitor, teacher and
    adjudicator. He is certified with the National Dance
    Council of America. Knowing what it takes by being a
    finalist in prior US championships, Chris believes that
    life is dance and dance is life.

    Sounds like a great time to me!
    Who knows, you may even see my husband and me there.

    02 November 2009

    Reduce your stress

    Let's face it - planning a wedding can be stressful. Add the the stress of everyday life and it can be downright overwhelming. What is a bride to be to do? There are actually several things you can do to help relieve stress:

    • Regular exercise. Not only will exercise relieve stress- you will get in shape as well.

    • Eat.........healthy foods. Drink LOTS of water.

    • Get a massage. Spend an hour or so with your favorite masseuse and feel your stress disappear.

    • BREATH - take a breather. I always advise my brides to take a few days off from the planning process. You may have looked at a MILLION photographers websites and now they all start looking the same. This is a sign it is time fr you to step away.

    • Plan early. Start your planning process early - then, you'll have the luxury to step away from the planning for a bit.

    • Stay organized. Start a binder when you first start planning. Use separate tabs for each of your categories.

    What tips do you use to help relieve your bridal stress?

    We'd love to hear.

    01 November 2009

    ASK THE PLANNER SUNDAY - engagement ring shopping

    Ms. Planner,

    I am shopping for a ring, and I am a little overwhelmed by the 4 C's! Is there a guideline for prioritizing cut, color, clarity & carat to get the best dazzle for my special lady? Also, do you recommend an independent appraiser?

    Bull in the Jewelry Shop

    Dear Bull in the Jewelery Store,
    Congratulations to you on your upcoming engagement and for being a wise buyer. As you know, the 4C's a major when deciding on the perfect ring for your perfect lady. Let's review the 4C's:

    Color: With the exception of "fancy colored diamonds", the more colorless a diamond is, the more valuable it is. Jewelers grade diamonds on a scale from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). Anything more yellow than D is considered fancy and is much more expensive.

    Cut: Many people make the mistake of thinking that cut means the shape of the diamond. Rather, it means the way the diamond was faceted to allow light to reflect from it. In a well cut diamond, light enters the diamond and reflects straight back to the viewer's eye. Some cutters will sacrifice cut to create the largest possible diamond, thus making too shallow or too deep of a cut and causing light to "leak" out the sides and bottom of the diamond.

    Cut can be something very difficult for a layperson to evaluate, which is why it is important to get an AGS Certificate or a GIA Certificate verifying the quality of your diamond. Cut is graded Ideal, Premium, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor. Generally you should seek an Ideal to Very Good Diamond. Budget-conscious shoppers may opt for good.

    Clarity: Diamonds frequently have inclusions, or small flaws, air bubbles, scratches, or other minerals inside the diamond. The less inclusions a diamond has, the more valuable it is, and the more beautiful it is.
    The scale for grading diamond's clarity is:

    •F Flawless - no internal or external inclusions.

    •IF Internally Flawless - no internal inclusions, slight external inclusions.

    •VVS1-VVS2Very Very Slightly Included - minute inclusions that are very difficult to detect under 10x magnification, even by an experienced grader.

    •VS1-VS2 Very Slightly Included - minute inclusions that are invisible to the naked eye and seen only with difficulty under 10x magnification.

    •SI1-SI2 Slightly Included - invisible to the naked eye, yet easily seen by an experienced grader under 10x magnification.

    •I1-I3 Included - inclusions are visible to the naked eye and affect brilliance.

    Stones that are VVS2 to F are very rare and thus very expensive. Most couples will opt for something between SI2 and VS1, and will never know the difference.

    Caret:This refers to the size of the stone. While some value caret above all, others prefer a small ring regardless of budget. If you're buying a ring as a surprise for someone, consider how flashy their other jewelry is. If they're not someone who wears a lot of designer labels or big jewelry, perhaps you'll want to opt for a smaller stone. This site has a very useful chart to see how the most common sizes look on a model's hand. Ideally, you'll be able to try on a variety of sizes within your budget to see which size looks best on you or your love.

    There really is no guideline for prioritizing the 4C's. What I would suggest is finding out what she may want. More often than not, you'll have an idea of the style of ring she is looking for.

    If your special lady is looking for a big diamond, prioritize the carat first, then color, cut, clarity.
    If she is looking for the brilliance of a flawless diamond and doesn't mind the size, then go for one with an excellent cut and clarity.

    I would definitely recommend using an Independent Appraiser. I think it will give you a peace of mind about your diamond purchase. The seller may be a bit biased about the diamond they are selling you. They may also have overinflated the cost. While I do not believe this to be the case with every jeweler, it may be the case with some. Better safe than sorry - right?

    I also heard a horror story of a bridal couple taking a diamond to an Independent Appraiser - who found the diamond to be of high quality, etc. The couple purchased the stone and after it was set took it back to the Independent Appraiser - who quickly saw this was not the same ring. It was in fact, a CZ (cubic zirconia).

    I hope this has been helpful to you! Please keep us posted. We'd love to hear your proposal story!

    Have a LOVE-ly Day,


    Photo: Tiffany & Company

    30 October 2009

    The Bride Wore WHAT????????

    This is one of those years when Halloween happens to fall on a Saturday - the traditional day for weddings. This had me thinking about what brides may do differently when exchanging her vows on Halloween. So, I did a little research and found some rather lovely gowns done in black. If you choose to wear a black or dark wedding gown, please keep a few tips/ideas in mind:
    • Have your groom wear an all-white tuxedo
    • Have your wedding veil dyed black to match your dress
    • Have your bridesmaids wear white and add black sashes or black wraps
    • Add a pop of color - such as florals
    • Makeup - skip the red lip /cat eye combo. Your Makeup artist can work with you to find the best combo for your skin tone.

    Top Photo Credit: Jessica Claire

    Ask the Planner Sunday..........it's back!

    I've decided to bring back the Sunday series - Ask the Planner after being asked for it several times. I have TONS of questions from brides, grooms and others but I want to know what you want to ASK THE PLANNER. So, email your questions to me at
    erika@e-ventswedding.com and I will answer it. Be sure to check back weekly to see your question answered. Of course, if there is a burning question for which you need an answer RIGHT NOW, feel free to contact me directly. Can not wait to hear your questions.

    19 October 2009

    Complimentary Vendor Show tickets for Bridal Boutique

    If you want to learn from area and regional wedding experts in a more intimate setting, then look no further than the BRIDAL BOUTIQUE WEDDING WORKSHOP! This is truly a unique wedding show experience - the place to be on Sunday, October 25th, 2009. at The Hilton Garden Inn - 6930 Intech Boulevard Indianapolis, Indiana 46278.
    The vendor show from 2pm - 5pm will offer area brides a chance to meet one on one with wedding professionals such as:

    Amanda Wilcher Photography
    JC Disc Jockey Service
    Roger Muller Videography
    A Brides Choice Florist
    Cc Elaine Bride Chic Bridal Gowns
    A Classic Party Rental
    Bello Romance Photography
    Cater It Simple wedding cakes
    Sara and Mallory Photography
    Amy Lee Martin - Fitness Professional
    Beauty by Crystal
    Imagine Three
    Flowers by Melissa
    All About Honeymoons
    Ten:Thirteen Design
    Electric Avenue Mobile DJ
    and many more.

    **The first 50 registered brides will each receive fabulous TOTE BAGS from GetMarried.com and Brides.com !

    This vendor show is free to each bride and groom and two guests. You must register at www.bridalboutique.eventbrite.com.

    09 October 2009

    I can not begin to tell you how excited I am to have Amanda Wilcher Photographers as our featured photographer at our Bridal Boutique Luncheon on October 25th, 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana. I fell in love with her photography the moment I saw the first picture. It is so easy to see why the Indiana area is abuzz with talk of Amanda Wilcher Photographers. Here is a bit of information from the website:

    "We are a wife and husband team that loves our dog, weddings, fashion, music, and each other...not necessarily in that order. We use the things we love for inspiration and to create our signature style of photography.
    Don't let the Midwest thing fool you. We are available for travel where you or your wedding is. As stateside and destination wedding photographers, we go there! Yes, we even travel for portrait commissions. Just ask.
    Enough about us. Let's hear about you! Yes, we actually like to hear details on your wedding, and the juicy family drama. Okay, maybe not the last part-but we love to build relationships with our clients. We only accept a limited number of wedding per year so that we can give each wedding the attention and talent it needs.
    Amanda will be your last bridesmaid, and Kyle...Kyle will just steal your beer."

    Can't you just tell how fun and cool they are? Brides will have a chance to hear great and straight forward hints and tips for wedding photography at the Bridal Boutique Luncheon. You will not want to miss this presentation - TRUST ME.

    Be sure to come and meet Amanda and Kyle Wilcher at:


    Sunday, October 25th, 2009

    10am - 2pm (workshop/lunch)

    2pm- 5pm (vendor booths)

    Cost: $25 VIP $20 - General Bride $17- Guest Vendor Booth only - $5

    Enter code: GET MARRIED for $10 off VIP and General Bride Tickets.

    Register here.

    02 October 2009

    Another great post from the wonderful folks at GetMarried.com!

    Getting Gifts 101

    You'll be receiving shower gifts and wedding gifts for days. Here's how to respond with grace and style.

    Gifts brought to an engagement party

    Whenever you’re the guest of honor at a party where gifts are not expected and a few guests bring gifts in any case, accept them graciously. Then set them aside to open later. This avoids making empty-handed guests feel uncomfortable. Follow up afterward with a written thank-you note to each giver.

    Shower gifts

    When everyone will be bringing a gift, you’ve got the opportunity to thank each guest in person. Traditional etiquette states that you don’t have to send a thank-you note to a person you’ve already thanked in person but a note sent nonetheless is always appreciated. If a gift arrives at the shower from someone who couldn’t attend, then you should send a note.

    When a large gift is given from a group—such as office colleagues—thank all the givers in a speech. Later send a note to the one person who organized the gift, thanking all the givers, or send individual notes to each giver.

    Wedding gifts

    If gifts are delivered to your home before the wedding, it’s OK to open them as soon as you’ve received them. Some couples like to wait and open them all at once after the honeymoon. If you wait, consider making it an occasion, inviting close family and friends over. Whatever your timing, each gift must be acknowledged with a thank you note.

    Exchanging gifts

    Even when you carefully register your wedding gift choices and let everyone know where you’re registered, couples can still receive a gift that’s just not their style. If you’re close to the giver, be upfront about it and let them know that you’d like to exchange it. If you exchange it without them knowing about it, they may wonder whatever happened to it each time they come over for a visit.

    The exception to this rule comes when the gift comes from someone you’re not close to such as a business colleague of your father’s. Send a thank-you note but don’t mention that you’re planning to exchange it.

    Gifts that arrive damaged

    Be sure to return the gift to the store bringing all the wrapping. Any reputable retailer will replace the goods. If the store is out of town or an online service, call to find out what their procedure entails. Again, if the store or service is good, there shouldn’t be any problem. In both cases, there’s no need to bother the giver with these details; just thank them.

    If a damaged gift arrives from a guest by mail, check to see whether the package was insured. If it was, notify the sender immediately so that she can collect the insurance.

    If an uninsured gift arrives damaged from a close friend or relative, tell them. They’ll want to know. If the giver is not close to you, letting him know only obliges him to buy you another present.

    29 September 2009

    Bridesmaid Dresses....

    J Crew Bridesmaid Dress Selections

    28 September 2009


    This is a completely personal post, but I have to share. I am going to be in the Oprah Winfrey audience in October! I am beyond thrilled. Some of you may remember that I was also in the audience many, many years ago. It was an awesome experience and I have always wanted to go back. This time I am along with three of my friends. I absolutely LOVE the new way they allow guests to register. Instead of the old way of phoning in and getting a busy signal or worst yet the dreaded " All circuits are busy" message, audience hopefuls have a much better way to get tickets. it is actually rather easy. Go to the website - register - go to the audience reservation section. You will then see a message telling you the status of audience reservations ( we are taking reservations or check back later). If they are indeed taking reservations, you will have a limited period in which to sign up. You are able to sign up for any show during that month which is on the list. 24 hours after the registration period closes, you will receive notification of your status. You will either receive a "Sorry, next time." email or a "You have been accepted" email. I have had both. Thankfully, this time I received the latter. You can get more detailed information here.

    My three girlfriends and I will be attending the later taping of the day. We don't know what the show will be about. We did receive a detailed list of instructions.

    Oprah's studio audiences are known to be THE best dressed studio audiences. Now, we need to decide what to wear!

    27 September 2009

    Bridal Hair with ....................

    As a bride, I am sure you have a million questions - ranging from invitations to flowers to HAIR. What do you do with your hair on your wedding day? What if it's humid? Should I do an updo? How do I place my veil? This is were professional expertise comes in. Julie Hill from Imagine Three is just the person you need! Julie and her sisters own Imagine Three. Here is a bit from their website:

    Imagine three strong-willed women collaborating, utilizing their talents, and producing pure bliss. Together, we possess unique talents that are used together and complement one another. We can either work together or work separately to provide you with the perfect service.

    Imagine Three provides three professional services: photography, cosmetic artistry, and hairstyling. Our services range from weddings to formal events, photo shoots, portfolios, and senior pictures. Imagine it, dream it; we can do it.

    Imagine Three photography also provides services for studio portrait sessions, weddings, and other events, as well as on-site sessions for groups or individuals.

    From Julie Hill:
    "I have been dedicated to the art of hairdressing for 16 years. My desire is to find everyone’s individual beauty and bring it to its full potential. When I’m creating, everything I do is thoughtful and with purpose. Inspiration is everywhere; for every color I use and every curl I place there is a reason and an inspiration behind it.

    Over the years, I have built my talent through education, mentorship, and learning from others, and from that I continue to grow, learn each day, and keep my passion alive. I have been truly blessed with a gift that I am very lucky to have and am even happier to share. My goal is to make a woman feel wonderful about herself and create something just for her; as a result, I feel I am in the business of making people happy and beautiful. "

    You don't want to miss Julie's presentation in Indianapolis on October 25th at BRIDAL BOUTIQUE a wedding workshop. She will have models displaying updo styles as well as teach you how to place bridal veils.

    You will also have a chance to purchase THE BLISS BOOK. Bliss is an inspirational guide for brides, stylists, and women of all ages. If you're looking for a style for your formal event or your wedding, this is your source. If you're a stylist, this is the perfect "look book" for inspiration as well as a guide for your clients. Each page is simple; the styles are thoughtful, up-to-date, and focus only on the hair and make-up. Each style is classic and offers a wide range of looks for your next event.

    Bliss is printed as a soft cover book and with over 150 pages and 80 hairstyles to choose from. Bliss is the new age of "look books," and we proudly present it to you.

    23 September 2009

    Meet Jesse Carruthers - JC Disc Jockey Service

    Hi readers! Today it is my pleasure to have Jesse Carruthers from JC Disc Jockey Service as our special guest. His company is located in Indianapolis and you can access his web page for more contact info at the link above. Be sure to register for the BRIDAL BOUTIQUE LUNCHEON on October 25th, 2009 at the Hilton Garden Inn- Indianapolis NW to hear Jesse share his expertise!
    From his website:
    "At JC Disc Jockey, we're listening! You want someone with personality and experience that will keep the reception fun, on schedule and memorable! We provide our clients with music customized for your style and mood of your reception. We take care of all the emcee duties throughout your reception and professionally guide you through the evening without distracting you from your guests. At JC Disc Jockey we want it to be your way."

    Mr.Carruthers has graciously offered to answer a few questions for you.

    Tell us a little bit about JC Disc Jockey Service- what services do you offer? JC DJ SVC is a full service mobile DJ business. By mobile meaning, we bring the party to you, equipment, lights, mics and music. We offer our clients the opportunity to create their own music play list with our online music library. It's optional, but very useful to our on the go and clients and those who live out of state. We also offer pre event planning (reception only) and if the reception and ceremony are at the same location but different rooms we'll provide a second system at no additional charge.

    Why did you decide to start JC Disc Jockey Service? I started my business because I wanted to share my style of playing music with others so they would leave the event with a feeling they've never felt when it comes to music.

    What do you enjoy most about your job? Seeing my customers smiling, having a good time and referrals from them.

    What qualities should a couple look for when hiring their disc jockey? Experience, personality, appearance, attention to detail and references.

    What has been the highlight of your career to date? Returning clients, more bookings each year and knowing that my advertising is working.

    Some advise for Brides-to-be? When choosing a DJ, if the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Ask to view the DJ in action if possible. Cutting corners isn't always wise. Ask for references.

    Thanks for stopping by, Jesse! We look forwarding to seeing you soon.

    21 September 2009

    Volunteers at your wedding....

    You have announced your engagement to everyone and now the offers for assistance are pouring in. Uncle Joe loves taking pictures and does a great job capturing the family reunion, but he's not a professional. Cousin Mary has a friend from work who is a wonderful cook, but she's not a professional. Donnie DJ knows how to pick a great dance song, but he is not a professional. Everyone means well. Really, they do. Usually, their intent is to save you money. You think it's a great idea UNTIL......... someone can't make the wedding (you name the reason), you find out your "DJ" is afraid to make announcements, your "caterer" only has crock pots to keep the food warm and no assistants and your "photographer's" finger is in just about every picture he has taken of your wedding day. Believe me, I have heard horror stories like these and many more.

    It is so important to hire professional wedding vendors - with references - for your big day. Be sure to do your research and interview, interview, interview!

    Ask questions - who will do my wedding in the event something happens to you?, do you have a contract, may I see pictures of your most recent work?, references from recent brides?

    Have a LOVE-ly day!

    Photo Credit: Goldberg Photography, Indianapolis

    20 September 2009

    Cc Elaine Bride Chic - Caren Lewis

    "For The Modern Bride Who Dares To Be Different"
    The Bride Chic Bride is modern and aware. She has a definite sense of style. She is all about expressing herself.
    Are you:
    YOU decide how your gown will look.
    Cc. elaine Salon Bride Chic covers the whole spectrum of the gown selection process. We offer EVERY BRIDE the opportunity to have a couture garment along with the movie star treatment. We can accommodate even the most discriminating bride.
    Not your traditional retail establishment, Salon Bride Chic is an experience. Nestled away inside of the Historic Emrich's Furniture Building; our Shabby Chic environment is sure to evoke emotion and inspire you to dream big.
    Each bride is met with our undivided attention and the privacy of the entire salon is yours while you meet one-on-one with award winning designer Cc.elaine, who will interpret your vision and design the gown of your dreams.
    For Your Custom Designed Bridal Wear & Accessories Call (317) 638-CHIC or visit www.ccelaine.com.

    Cc Elaine will be a featured speaker at the Bridal Boutique Luncheon - a wedding workshop in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 25th, 2009.
    More information and register here.
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