28 January 2010

Let them Eat Cake..........................

One of the best things about planning your wedding is the cake tasting. The thought of tasting tons of sugary, moist, sweetness is a dream come true for most brides and grooms. Do your research and find quality bakers in your area. Check around with other brides, visit bridal shows and check out bakers websites. Many bakers offer special days for brides only - where their shops are closed except for bridal appointments.  Make sure to grab your future groom (trust me - you won't have any problem getting him there) and let the tasting begin.

Many bridal couples have questions about the frosting types. Here's a little help for you.......

A rich creamy chocolate filling made of chocolate and cream, used for confections such as the filling of truffles


An icing made out of gelatin, confectioners sugar and water. A very smooth and maleable icing that dries hard. This icing is also called rolled fondant because it has to be rolled on to cakes.


The most popular wedding cake icing is made of butter, confectionery sugar and milk.

Ganache Photo Credit: Dessert Deli Bakery
Buttercream Photo Credit:

Weddings by Tara Guerard

Looking for some wonderful wedding inspiration? Then, look no further than Weddings by Tara Guerard.
Many of you may have already experienced Southern Weddings: A New Look at the Old South by Tara Guerard. Her new book will not disappoint you.
From the inside flap:
With impeccable style and taste, premier event designer Tara Guerard takes us on a guided tour through twelve dream weddings. From a formal Southern soiree to an ocean island affair, Tara shares the tools and tricks of the trade she's learned from over a decade of working in the industry. Every chapter imparts fresh information using specific weddings as examples and inspiration.
Tara Guerard is a consummate entertainer and shows readers how they can plan their wedding, with topics ranging from choosing a venue to choosing colors; deciding on hors d'oeuvres, cocktails, or a formal sitdown meal; and decorating the altar, the table, or even the bride's shoes! By carefully selecting themes and masterfully integrating details, you will learn how to make one of life's most important celebrations infinitely memorable.

Beautifully designed pages and vibrant photography bring each wedding abundantly to life in this book that will bring hours of inspiration and pleasure.

Tara Guerard Recognized as the Southeast's premier event designer, Tara Guerard has earned a national reputation for her exceptional ability to create spectacular settings celebrating life's most anticipated occasions.

Clients across the United States- from celebrity hosts to hometown brides-seek out Tara for her signature graciousness infused with a decidedly modern flair. Since opening the doors of Soiree by Tara Guerard in Charleston, South Carolina, over a decade ago, Tara has been noted as a leading arbiter of entertaining and style. In 2005, she was selected as a Top 25 Trendsetter by Modern Bride Magazine. Soiree's work has also been featured by a wide range of media, including Elegant Bride, Food & Wine, Southern Accents, Southern Living, InStyle Weddings, Town & Country Weddings, and Martha Stewart Weddings. One of her events was featured on the Style Network.

In addition to her client work, Tara is a sought-after speaker for national forums on floral and event design. She has appeared before exclusive audiences at venues including the Mint Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina, Nashville Lifestyles magazine's "Bridal Ball," and the Walters Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. Tara lives in Charleston with her husband, Russell, and their young sons, Aiken and Myers. For additional information and to view a selection of Tara's events, please visit www.soireebytaraguerard.com.

Liz Banfield An accomplished editorial photographer, Liz Banfield's images can be seen in Martha Stewart Weddings, Elegant Bride, InStyle Weddings, Town & Country Weddings, Real Simple Family, Southern Accents, and Country Living. She travels the globe shooting fabulous weddings for stylish clients, and lifestyle images for clients like Target, where her photographs are displayed in stores worldwide. At home she enjoys documenting the lives of her two young children, Grier and Charlotte.

Be sure to get your copy today......As always, e-vents: a wedding and event planning boutique brides may borrow the book from our wedding library!

27 January 2010

Crate and Barrel Wedding Party in Indianapolis

When:  Every Sunday in February  (February 7th is booked)
Time: 9am  - 11am
What:  A private party for Brides featuring coffee, breakfast items, mimosas, presentations, demos, tour of the store and a SPECIAL GIFT just for YOU!!!!
R.S.V.P to 317.818.9900  - Tell them Erika from e-vents sent you!

The Solemates High Heelers

I am reposting this because today, I lost a heel cap. Why? because I wasn't wearing my trusty Solemates guards.........

I found these fantastic items while reading An Atlanta Brides blog. I only wish I had known about these when my office was downtown and I had to maneuver around grates and the sidewalks literally CHEWED up my heels. Mind you, I am sure Tony from CENTO Shoes didn't mind. Anyway, getting back to the subject of this post....SOLEMATES High Heelers. These cute little things protect your heels from city grates, cracks and sidewalks. They also are great for outdoor weddings where you may be walking in the grass. They come in clear,white and black. From the website: "By increasing the surface area on the base of the heel, it reduces the pressure on this area and prevents the heel from sinking into grass or falling into cracks! " Becca Brown and Monica Murphy are the brains behind this patented gem of an idea.

25 January 2010


My first event  that I planned  and made me realize I wanted to start my own company was a tea party. We actually called it a HIGH TEA (and still do) even though what we are enjoying is AFTERNOON TEA. 
HIGH TEA defined ..............
This British tradition is a late-afternoon or early evening meal, usually quite substantial. It originated in the 19th century as a simple, early workingman's supper. High tea can be served buffet-style or set on a table. It includes a variety of dishes such as cornish pasties, welsh rabbit, scotch woodcock and various other meat and fish dishes. Also included are plenty of buns, crumpets, biscuits and jams, as well as an elaborate array of cakes and pastries and, of course, steaming pots of hot tea. (from Answers.com)

AFTERNOON TEA defined...........
Afternoon tea (because it was usually taken in the late afternoon) is also called "low tea" because it was usually taken in a sitting room or withdrawing room where low tables (like a coffee table) were placed near sofas or chairs generally in a large withdrawing room. (from WhatsCookingAmerica.net)

This is the 10th year anniversary for our annual High Tea here in Indianapolis at the historic Canterbury Hotel. Jame Thompson, catering manager for the Canterbury Hotel has assured us this one will be the BEST ever.

My friend and fellow wedding planner, Kelly McWilliams of Weddings by Socialites is hosting a Mothers Tea Party in sunny Florida. I think this is a brilliant idea! How fun to host a vintage tea party for your bridesmaids luncheon? The vintage photo is  from another fellow planner, Aletha Vandermaas of Pearls Events, blog.  She's featuring the Tea Party as a Bridal Shower option. Don't you love it????

I also love this idea as a way to celebrate Mothers Day. Grab your best hat and gloves and a few girlfriends and enjoy a spot of tea - English style!

Photos: Kelly McWilliams, Weddings by Socialites
and Aletha Vandermaas, Pearls Events

24 January 2010

The Perfect Gift for Your Perfect Guy....................

You've been racking your brain, checking out the web and asking everyone what to get your new husband for a wedding day gift. Why not give him some boudoir photos? This hot trend has really taken off lately and as you can see they are sizzlin' HOT..... Think this may be a little too risque for your taste? Don't worry - you have complete control over how much or how little skin you show. It is super important to find a photographer that you feel comfortable with. This may be your wedding photographer or another one you choose. I love the shots done in hotel rooms. Find a hotel that suits your style and see if you can rent the room for a few hours(make sure you explain what you are doing). Most photographers who have done a lot of boudoir photo sessions will have a list of hotels. So, go find something sexy to wear and let the shooting begin. Trust me - you and your new husband WON'T regret it.

This just in.........

Photo Credit: 1. Erin Hession Photography
                              2. Amanda Wilcher Photographers

22 January 2010

17 January 2010

How to give a toast.....................................

I found this great piece from www.guyville.com . Enjoy!!!!

I found this great piece from Guyville.com - Enjoy!
At some point during your life you'll have to make a toast. A toast is defined as "something in honor in which persons usually drink." It's also defined as "sliced bread browned on both sides by heat." But let's stick with the first one. (ed. Note: we do not cover 'how to make toast' here)
There are two stages to making a toast.
Making the Toast
First, know the specifics of the event. Is it formal? It is a picnic? Does the toast concern one person or a couple? If you are wearing a bow tie and cumber bun (that big ribbon around your stomach), then you'll want to make the toast more eloquent, as you will no doubt be surrounded by people you may be hitting up for money or interviewing with in the future. If you're outside in casual wear, the toast can be casual. By casual, we don't mean attempting to wing it on the spot. Prepare ahead of time.
Don't sweat creating the toast from scratch. Use part of a famous speech, a poem, a quote or even a portion of a love letter in your toast. Use substantial and meaningful words, and eliminate feeble words like "kinda," "nice" and "awesome." Feel free to use humor in your speech, but if you don't feel particularly funny, don't go for the laugh. It is your job to highlight the honored guest, not to work the room like a lounge act. Stories about the guest of honor make great toast material, but don't tell a tale where you have to be an insider to understand. Remember, entertaining yourself should be your least priority. Another note: embarrassing stories make for great laughs and do make their way into toasts, but there is a thin line between gosh-gollie embarrassment and the story about the stun gun and the pony.
Most importantly, this toast is about the honoree, not about you. Avoid stories where you end up talking about yourself. Keep the "I" rule in mind- keep the amount of I's in your toast to a minimum.
Executing the Toast
Practice giving the toast. Say it a few times until you can give it fluidly. If you are using a notecard, be sure you know if well enough so you can keep going if you lose your place.
Keep it brief. Technically, you are entitled to go on as long as you like, however, the longer you talk, the more chance you have of losing your audience's attention (especially when the open bar is nearby). Some of the most poignant toasts are a single line or two.
Direct your toast toward the guest (or guests) of honor. Speak loudly and slowly so even those in the cheap seats can hear you.

Photo Credit: J. Scott Photography

12 January 2010

Calling all brides..............................................


Casting call for brides-to-be to appear on Get Married’s show on WE tv

      Get Married’s national wedding program is looking for passionate brides to appear on its television show. Throughout the half-hour program which airs every Saturday at 9:30am ET/PT on WE tv, host Stacie Francombe—Get Married’s CEO and founder—helps brides identify and match their personality with their unique bridal style. Brides are guided through an array of bridal experiences and participate in inspiring challenges with wedding professionals and experts.

Interested brides-to-be are encouraged to apply by visiting www.getmarried.com/omg where additional details are posted. Brides across the country could be saying “OMG! I’m going to be on TV!”

“Get Married’s show is all about the bride. By incorporating real brides in every episode we make a connection with our audience, showing them that every wedding element is attainable regardless of your style,” said Stacie Francombe, CEO and founder of Get Married Media. “Get Married’s show helps brides create the ultimate wedding that reflects their unique and personal style.”

Get Married’s television show on WE tv, a women-centric network dedicated to the wedding genre, is among an audience of brides seeking bright, innovative ideas and inspirations. Available in nearly 74 million homes, WE tv is the premier source for women looking to satisfy their curiosity with fascinating, original stories and entertaining content. The series will also simulcast to an additional three million on Wedding Central, a 24/7 multiplatform, interactive programming service devoted to weddings, dating and romance.
About Get Married Media

Get Married Media, a national, integrated tri-media wedding planning resource that reaches passionate brides on TV (WE tv Saturdays at 9:30am et/pt), online here and in print (Get Married magazine). Get Married connects brides with local and national wedding vendors and industry experts through entertainment and news.

Get Married magazine (circ. 300,000) - the new shopping and trend guide for the savvy bride - moves beyond the traditional ways of delivering a bridal publication - from the newest interactive technology and latest trends in bridal shopping and style to a colorful, fresh voice in the wedding genre. The first issue is FREE in single copy here.

Closely integrated with the TV show and Get Married magazine, the online portal at http://wedding.getmarried.com/ offers brides an interactive experience, including a wedding shop that sells wedding invitations, wedding favors, accessories and products as seen in the magazine, as well as a wedding blog (bloggerbrides.com), video segments from the show, articles, image galleries and wedding planning tools.

09 January 2010

Wedding Weekend in Indy

Brides/Grooms be sure to check out the following Bridal Shows happening this weekend in Indianapolis:

January 9 (Saturday) 11:00am-4:00pm - Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show, Scottish Rite Cathedral - Indianapolis

January 10 (Sunday) 11:00am-4:00pm - Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show, Scottish Rite Cathedral - Indianapolis

and mark your calendar for these upcoming events in January:

January 17 (Sunday) 2:00pm-5:00pm - Winter Bridal Show "Love is in the Air", Montgomery Aviation - Zionsville

January 31 (Sunday) 12:00pm-5:00pm - Here Come the Brides Bridal Show, Crown Plaza at Historic Union Station - Indianapolis

01 January 2010

Martha Stewart Weddings 15th Year Anniversary

A big congratulations and an even bigger THANKS to Martha Stewart Weddings on their 15th year anniversary! Thanks because I have learned so many wonderful things and have been able to share them with my brides and grooms.  If you haven't already, you MUST go purchase the Anniversary issue of the magazine immediately! It is chock full of wonderful ideas as well as flashbacks of the past 15 years. I think you'll really enjoy the "Our Best Ever GOOD THINGS" feature.  Enjoy browsing thru Aww-Inspiring real weddings. MS Weddings always has the best goodies and you can always download the fabulous clip-art from their website for your own wedding. Some of my favorite downloads have been the daily agenda sheets for destination weddings. These fab sheets are delivered to each guests room (think - cruise sheets) each morning which detail what is happening each day as well as fun things guests can do. 
Little known fact - my very first experience with Martha Stewarts wedding was when I made my sisters small wedding cake from Martha's wedding cake recipe. Trust me when I say I am NO BAKER - love to cook - but BAKE. This cake was both delicious and beautiful. 
What is your favorite Martha thing? I'd love to read about it.
 In the meantime, I'm off to enjoy a wonderful weekend in front of the fireplace with a latte and my MS magazine................
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