02 August 2009

What to wear.....What to wear???

We've all at one time or another wondered "What should I wear?" When attending a wedding, it is even more important to know what the dress code is. No one ever likes feeling too over or under dressed. It is especially important to know what the dress code is for a wedding.

What exactly do all of the dress codes mean? The wonderful people at InStyle Weddings have helped to decode the dress code.

White Tie: Guys - black tail coat, matching black pants, white bow tie, white pique shirt and white vest. Ladies - floor length or ball gown.

Black Tie: Guys - Tuxedos. Ladies - floor length gowns or cocktail dresses - fancier than a typical little black dress.

Black Tie optional: Guys - Tuxedo or black suit. Ladies - cocktail dress or straight floor length gown (NOT a ball gown).

Cocktail attire: Guys - Suits. Ladies - knee- length dresses or dressy pants worn with a silk, chiffon or otherwise evening appropriate blouse.

Festive attire: Very vague - allows guests to have fun. Most fashion forward guests will take it as a license to wear what they please. Most others will stick to cocktail attire.

No dress code: Guys and ladies - Take cue from the time of day, season and location of the wedding.

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