30 September 2008

Inspiration Tuesday

How Do I Love Thee?
By Elizabeth Barrett Browning

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
my soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
for the ends of Being and ideal Grace,I love thee to the level of everyday's
most quiet need, by sun and candle light.

29 September 2008

Urban, Upscale Wedding Reception

I'm loving these photos from Furious Photographers!

28 September 2008

ASK THE PLANNER SUNDAY - Do my shoes have to match the color of my dress?

Who says your shoes have to match your dress? I remember the "old days" when every bride had matching white or beige shoes for their dress. How fun is it now that the brides are opting to wear snazzy colors and styles for their weddings? Want a terrific pair of Christian Louboutins or Manolo Blahniks? This is the perfect time to purchase them!

26 September 2008

Friday Favorites - Petit Chou

This Friday favorite is a local Indy area favorite of fans in Indy. The Patachou Empire has several locations in the Indianapolis area. I love them all , but my personal favorite is Petit Chou in Broad Ripple. They have cinnamon toast that is to die for! My other fave is the Broken Yolk sandwich - out of this world! The atmosphere is french inspired and reminds me of the french cafe my husband and I visited while in Paris a few years ago. Maybe that is why I love it so much! I am extremely excited that they have opened a new location near my office in Clay Terrace!

You can win a FREE Broken Yolk Sandwich via their ROCK THE YOLK contest.

Petite Chou by Patachou® 823 Westfield Boulevard, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46220;

Phone: 317.259.0765

French food, American attitude in a casual Broad Ripple atmosphere.

Located on Westfield Boulevard east of Midtown Grill.

Photos: Indy.com

22 September 2008


Ever thought about wearing false eyelashes for your wedding? I think they look beautiful for bridal pictures. They are a great alternative to wearing makeup and possibly having it run down your face when you cry. Sephora has a you tube video showing how to apply your falsies. However, I would definitely suggest you use a professional makeup artist who has experience with false eyelashes. They will make sure they look natural ( unless you want a super dramatic look). Make sure to test drive your lashes before the BIG EVENT to see if they feel natural to you. If you have used false lashes for your wedding or other event, send me a picture. I'd love to see them!
Photos: Jonilyn Photography, The Brides Cafe

With this ring......

Most traditional pictures feature the couples wedding rings placed on top or near the marriage license. This of course is a nice shot. Even better is to come up with a different way of photographing your wedding rings. This will more than likely require your photographer to shoot your rings before the wedding date. Pictured above are some creative ways to photograph your rings. How will you shoot your rings? I'd love to know .... drop me a line.
Photo credits: Sky+Carla, Ohana Photography

20 September 2008

Bridal Accessories

Some Saturday eye candy - just for my readers!
Photos: Kate Spade, Swarovski, All Things Trendy

19 September 2008

Friday Favorites

My Friday Favorite today is actually something I have whenever I meet a bride or client (heck, anyone) for a meeting at Starbuck's. The Vivanno Nourishing Drink is the best The drink comes in two flavors: Banana Chocolate and Banana Mango. My fav is the Banana-Mango. Such a nourishing and refreshing drink. You can add a shot of espresso to the Banana Chocolate and matcha to the Banana Mango. We are having an especially wonderful string of days featuring beautiful weather. Why not grab a Vivanno and enjoy the wonderful weather?

More info:
Orange Mango Banana Blend
Made with a whole banana blended with all natural Naked® Juice made exclusively for Starbucks, our proprietary whey protein & fiber powder, 2% milk and ice.
Have a LOVE-ly day!

Vintage Weddings

I am falling in love with vintage weddings. One of my brides is doing vintage with the guys dressed like the Rat Pack. The whole Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn look is amazing. It may take an extra bit of effort and research , but it is so worth it. It's the small details that will make this especially nice. Brooches, pillbox hats, vintage style hairdos and dresses - so cool.
Photos: Bella Figura, The Brides Cafe,

18 September 2008

True love stories never have endings...at the Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre

Special gift to the Bride and Groom

You Belong...At the Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre
Celebrate your Wedding on Valentines Weekend
and receive 10% off! Call or email today!

Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre Hotel
31 West Ohio Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Catering Sales Office

See exactly what The Sheraton has to offer:

Contact Gina Beasley at:

Don't forget to tell her that e-vents sent you!

Have a LOVE-ly Day!

Photos: The Sheraton Hotel, Louis Felix Photography and the knot

Your rehearsal and rehearsal meal

It seems like every rehearsal I see on Bridezillas {my Sunday guilty indulgence - until I can't take the bridezillas anymore:)}is a giant fiasco. Unfortunately, I think there are alot of weddings out there that are a lot less organized than they should be. If you are a DIY bride, then I have a few suggestions for you. My brides can rest assured that I use all of these so your rehearsal runs smoothly.

  • Why not have it earlier in the day? Most times, people are tired and antsy because it's LATE. Move it up and you have people with more energy.

  • Have your rehearsal meal before you rehearse. This fills your attendants tummies AND gives them a chance to "catch up" with people they haven't seen in a while.

  • If you are a DIY bride, make sure you specify ONE person to run the rehearsal. Make sure they are clear on your vision. I would still suggest you get a day or month of coordinator. You will be glad you did - trust me.

Don't forget to take:

  • Copy of vows

  • Copy of readings

  • Important phone numbers

  • Wedding shoes (to practice walking)

  • Wedding day schedule to distribute to Wedding party

  • Gifts for your wedding party (given at the rehearsal dinner)

  • Directions to the rehearsal dinner location ( give out beforehand if you have the rehearsal meal BEFORE the rehearsal.

  • Ribbon bouquet

  • Ring Pillow

  • Flower girl basket

Have a LOVE-ly Day!

17 September 2008

Wedding flowers

Brides.com now has a wonderful new tool you can use to choose your flowers for your wedding. You choose the color, style and cost and voila! you get a large selection of florals to choose from. Know which flowers you like already? Then, they also have an area where you can view your choice(s). There is an Essential Guide to Flowers section. This guide is amazing - tons of great information on all things floral. There is even a section where you can fnd your floral style. The only thing missing is the aroma!
Have a LOVE-ly day!

photos: Brides.com, An Atlanta Bride

15 September 2008

Furious Photographers

I love being able to share ideas with my readers. I especially love bring you all incredible talent in the wedding industry. The Internet has allowed me to meet people from all over the world and I am so happy to be able to share stories and make some wonderful new friends.

Allow me to introduce you to a cutting edge photography team - Furious photographers. Their work is INCREDIBLE. I lost track of time looking at these photos. They are based out of LA and Orange County. If you are in their area, I would definitely say book them NOW for your wedding or engagement pictures. Hope you enjoyed the show!

All photos: Furious Photographers
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