21 March 2010

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Photos by: Jeremy Van Andel Photography

12 March 2010


This Friday's featured photographer is Justin Evans of Justin Evans Photography.
My philosophy...
As a wedding photographer, I am privileged to capture the images that will serve as my clients' memories for the rest of their lives.  I strive to create classic, timeless imagery that captures the atmosphere and presence of your wedding day.  My goal is to put my clients at ease so they forget a camera is even in their presence.  This allows me to capture candid, photojournalistic style images that will dramatically tell your story. 

Justin was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about his business and a few fun questions. Be sure to visit his website here for more beautiful photos.

What inspired you to become a photographer?

I have always loved art and drawing, but when I discovered wedding photojournalism a few years ago, I was captivated by the raw storytelling aspect of it.  I used to enjoy taking pictures of objects and landscapes, but once I started photographing people, I never looked back! 

What services do you offer a bridal couple? 

My standard package includes unlimited wedding day coverage, digital negatives, and an online proof store.  I also offer Coffee Table Albums & Parent Albums, Proof Prints, and Engagement & Bridal Photo Sessions. 

How do you prepare the day of a wedding? Any special things you do?

In the days leading up to the wedding, I make sure all of my batteries have a fresh charge, touch base with my clients, pack up my camera gear, and organize my paperwork (itineraries, shot lists, contact information, etc.).  Many times I’ll even look through portfolios of other photographers to inspire and motivate me to take my craft to the next level.   

Who influences your work? Which photographers do you follow?

Zack Arias has been a huge inspiration and teacher for my lighting technique.  He always has good practical advice for both photographic technique and business.  

Paul Van Hoy II is my biggest photojournalistic inspiration.  He has an incredible eye for composition and capturing a moment.  

What is the best part of your job? 

I love that no two weddings are the same.  I’m always working in different environments and different people.  This makes the creative possibilities infinite!

What is your photography style? 

Most of the day, I shoot photojournalistic images.  When it comes to taking dramatic portraits, I use an editorial approach. 

What is the most unusual wedding photo request you  have had? 

During a wedding reception earlier this year, the DJ tricked everyone on the dance floor into having me take a series of shots that spelled Y.M.C.A. with their arms.  Of course, he played the song immediately following the pictures! 

What are your favorite shots to take?

I enjoy taking editorial style portraits of the bride and groom alone immediately following the ceremony.  It gives me a chance to be creative with lighting and different environments.  More importantly, it’s the happiest point of the day for the couple, so they are always beaming in the pictures.

Advice for a bridal couple?

On your wedding day, just have fun!  You’ve prepared months for this and when it comes, just let go and enjoy the ride.

Now some fun stuff:

You win a dream vacation……which do you prefer? Vegas or the Bahamas? 

Definitely Vegas!  I’ve been several times to see Elton John’s the Red Piano show and always have had a blast.  The restaurants and hotels are out of this world, and there is always something exciting happening.  

Favorite wedding cake flavor?

I may be a little boring, but you can’t go wrong with vanilla and buttercream icing!


I love to play the piano and keyboards!  In fact, I play in a band and also at my local church.  I also enjoy hiking, biking, and just being outdoors!

Justin ~ Thanks so much for stopping by and answering questions about wedding photography. 

07 March 2010

ASK THE PLANNER SUNDAY: Something old........

Hi Erika~

I have a friend getting married soon. She is having trouble coming up with ideas for her Something Old.....please help!


Dear Friend~
They are so many wonderful options for your friend. For example:
  • A piece of jewelry from a special family member or friend. 
  • A piece of the wedding gowns of your mother and/or grandmother sewn into the inside of your gown. This can even be used as a hanky.
  • A button from your father and/or grandmother sewn into the hem of your gown.
  • An old love letter from your father to your mother tucked in your bridal purse.
  • A vintage ribbon tied to your bouquet. Even better - add a tiny photo charm with a loved one who has passed on. 
  • An antique car for the bridal transportation.
There are so many more wonderful options. Readers: what have you used or seen used. Please share. We would love to hear.


Photo credit: Times to Remember Photography

05 March 2010

FOTO FRIDAY - J Scott Photography

Today we are featuring, Jamie and Brandy Owens of J Scott Photography. J Scott is the photographer for one of my August brides and we couldn't be more thrilled.
This is such a cute description of them from their website:
J. Scott Photography is Jamie and Brandy Owens.  Jamie has a Fine Arts degree in Photography. Brandy’s degree is in Math. Jamie is from Southern Indiana.  Brandy is from Northern Indiana. Jamie loves sports.
Brandy hates sports. Jamie hates green beans. Brandy loves green beans. They played the “Odd Couple” theme at their wedding. Get the Picture?

 Be sure to visit their site for more beautiful photos. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!
You will find many of their photos gracing the pages of SOUTH - Indy's Southside magazine's Spring edition.

Photo Credit:  J Scott Photography

03 March 2010

SOUTH magazine

We are thrilled to be in the Spring edition of SOUTH - Indy's southside magazine. Jamie Owens of J. Scott Photography and the photographer for one of my bridal couples, Jessie and Brad was kind enough to refer e-vents: a wedding and event planning boutique to the editors of the magazine. It was so much fun sharing ideas of what brides are planning. The editors LOVED the idea of Jessie and Brad's vintage golf themed wedding. Don't they look adorable? If you are in the area, be sure to pick up a copy at most Southside locations of Barnes and Noble, Kroger and Marsh grocery stores. Who knows- maybe Jessie and Brad will autograph one for you.
Super special thanks to Crystal Haffner of Beauty by Crystal for the gorgeous makeup! Visit her here.

Photo credit:  J.Scott Photography

Another fabulous Get Married post

Red Carpet Ready--

Steal the secrets celebs use to walk the red carpet in style for your walk down the aisle here.

Juliana Lutzi, founder of PURE STYLE Girlfriends, shares her style secrets for creating the perfect foundation for your fabulous wedding day look.

Plump it Up: After you’ve applied your lip gloss or lipstick, use shimmery product like eye shadow or an eyebrow highlighter to make a small dot in the very center of your lips. Lightly blend to create natural looking shading that gives the illusion of fuller lips.

Make Sure Your Dress Stays Put: Stay Put double-sided fashion tape is surgical grade and is the perfect solution for slinky straps or a wandering neckline. Plus, it is pre-cut into convenient strips and fits perfectly in your purse for any emergency situations.

Get The Perfect Pair: The newest addition to the PURE STYLE Girlfriends line of products, Shape-a-Cup will give you the youthful shape of perky breasts, no matter what your age. Shape-a-Cup is a thin gel bra insert that simultaneously lifts and shapes your breasts. These comfortable inserts create a flawless look that is nothing short of perfect. This revolutionary design wraps upward to shape your breast from all angles.

Flawless Face: Using a gentle over-the-counter exfoliating pad, slough off dead skin cells all over your face and neck. Make sure to be careful around areas where your skin is thinner like underneath your eyes. Apply a light, moisturizing foundation using a foundation brush for the most luminous look possible.

For more on wedding gowns and fashion tips, Click Here
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