28 March 2008

High Tea 2008 pictures

This years event was even more spectacular than ever! We had an awesome trunout - 50 ladies. The Norsdtrom wardrobing session with personal stylist , Kathy Presley , was a big hit with all of the ladies. The event was held at The swanky Conrad Hotel in Indy. Monica Whitehead was our coordinator thru the Conrad. She was so helpful.

The menu was fantastic ! I even had three assistants help out at registration this year. One was my nephew,Brandon. They did a great job - except when the bill for their meal came. How does a waiter let three boys order 3 Red Bulls EACH @ $3 EACH and not stop them or at least ask me if it's ok. Needless to say, those were taken OFF the bill.

Anyway, as promised, here are some pictures from the event.

27 March 2008

Little Black Dress Party Planning

So, I am in the process of planning my Spring events! I am sooo excited.
The first is a LBD (Little Black Dress) party and Fashion show/shopping event. This event is held in May - just in time to wear a cute LBD!
Typically, I also include a martini glass exchange. However, this year , thanks to my friend and fellow wedding planner , Katasha, I have changed the program.
Katasha recently had an fashion event where the tablescapes were done up in different designer shopping bags! For example - Cole Haan , Kate Spade, etc. Let me tell you it was an awesome idea. Especially if you know of my love for designer bags. I plan to do LV , Gucci, Kate Spade, Tiffany & Company, Coach and Chanel tablescapes.
More details to follow on the event.

The second party is always held the first Saturday in June. It's our Spa Day. This year , we are holding it at Lumiere du Corps in Lebanon , IN.
We also do our treatments - lunch - more treatments. It is so relaxing.
More details on this event as well.

Well. I better run. Will post pictures from High Tea 2008 and a birthday Party I recently did.

Coco's Puppy Shower

This is from our new puppy's shower hosted by a dear friend and Coco's puppy godmother.
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