07 March 2010

ASK THE PLANNER SUNDAY: Something old........

Hi Erika~

I have a friend getting married soon. She is having trouble coming up with ideas for her Something Old.....please help!


Dear Friend~
They are so many wonderful options for your friend. For example:
  • A piece of jewelry from a special family member or friend. 
  • A piece of the wedding gowns of your mother and/or grandmother sewn into the inside of your gown. This can even be used as a hanky.
  • A button from your father and/or grandmother sewn into the hem of your gown.
  • An old love letter from your father to your mother tucked in your bridal purse.
  • A vintage ribbon tied to your bouquet. Even better - add a tiny photo charm with a loved one who has passed on. 
  • An antique car for the bridal transportation.
There are so many more wonderful options. Readers: what have you used or seen used. Please share. We would love to hear.


Photo credit: Times to Remember Photography

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