27 March 2008

Little Black Dress Party Planning

So, I am in the process of planning my Spring events! I am sooo excited.
The first is a LBD (Little Black Dress) party and Fashion show/shopping event. This event is held in May - just in time to wear a cute LBD!
Typically, I also include a martini glass exchange. However, this year , thanks to my friend and fellow wedding planner , Katasha, I have changed the program.
Katasha recently had an fashion event where the tablescapes were done up in different designer shopping bags! For example - Cole Haan , Kate Spade, etc. Let me tell you it was an awesome idea. Especially if you know of my love for designer bags. I plan to do LV , Gucci, Kate Spade, Tiffany & Company, Coach and Chanel tablescapes.
More details to follow on the event.

The second party is always held the first Saturday in June. It's our Spa Day. This year , we are holding it at Lumiere du Corps in Lebanon , IN.
We also do our treatments - lunch - more treatments. It is so relaxing.
More details on this event as well.

Well. I better run. Will post pictures from High Tea 2008 and a birthday Party I recently did.

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Staci said...

Your events are always so much fun. Can't wait for the Spa Day!

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