15 June 2009

and the Bride wore glasses........

Should you or shouldn't you wear your glasses on your wedding day? As a closet eyeglass wearer, I didn't wear my eyeglasses on my wedding day. The fact is, I only wear them to watch tv. I think a bride who wears glasses everyday SHOULD wear you glasses on her wedding day. They are after all a part of YOU. Most of your guests know you and your glasses. There are so many ways to still have beautiful makeup done so it shows up behind the lenses. Your photographer will be able to cut the glare from the lenses - if there is any. Check out these lovely brides in eyeglasses found on Wedding Bee.

Here are some wonderful tips I found at TorontoBride.com:

If you are using a makeup artist, keep the lines of communication open and let him/her know you'll be wearing your glasses that day (in case he/she assumes you'll be taking them off).

Opt for colours that flatter your eyes and skin.

It is not mandatory to match your makeup to your glasses.

If you're nearsighted, your lenses may make your eyes appear to recede behind those frames.

Opt for a light neutral shadow on your eyelids and brow bones.

Add contour and definition with a slightly darker shade, in the same tone, in the crease area. Then, line only your upper eyelid with eyeliner (or use a dark eye shadow and brush), and apply some great mascara.

If you're farsighted, your eyes will be magnified by the lenses. In this case, you may want to opt for a medium neutral shadow on your eyelids. Go for a slightly darker shade in the crease area but do avoid bright or shiny colours as they will only serve to amplify your eyes further.

Along those same lines, depending on the lenses you have, they can magnify and overemphasize the appearance of under-eye circles (especially if you had trouble sleeping the night before). Use a creamy concealer in a shade similar to your skin colour, then set with loose or pressed powder. You know your eyes and face best.

If you want your eyes to stand out more behind your glasses, you can opt for a more dramatic look. To keep the focus on your eyes and not the glasses, try this technique. Apply a small touch of shimmer eye shadow, in white or champagne, at the inner corner of your eyelids. Blend it in by brushing towards the outer corners of your eyes.

All women benefit from curled lashes and the same goes for you! It creates an instant refreshing look and will, in your case, prevent them from brushing against your lenses. Opt for a mascara that lengthens and volumizes without clumping. Clumps are unattractive across the board.

Eyebrows are key for all women. Keep your eyebrows well groomed and defined to complete your refined wedding day look.

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