14 August 2009

Get Married

Oh, how I adore Get Married......and there are many reasons:

  • They provide brides all sorts of practical and useful information right at your fingertips and eyes (tv show). Need help with your budget? Can't decide on decor? Want to chat with other brides? It's all right there on line.

  • Colin Cowie has ALWAYS been a favorite of mine. I was already hooked on Get Married and adding Mr.Cowie to the mix was pure genius!

  • The ladies at Get Married are THE BEST. I have "met" many of them on Twitter and FB and I can not begin to tell you how wonderful they are. They are quick to respond and always share their wedding wisdom freely.

  • THE BRAND NEW GET MARRIED MAGAZINE!!!! Launching in October,this is a MUST HAVE for every bride out there. If the sleekness of the magazine cover doesn't reel you in then you should check your pulse. I ,for one, am happy to be able to offer the magazine to the brides at my October 25th, 2009 BRIDAL BOUTIQUE LUNCHEON at the Hilton Garden Inn - Indianapolis NW! If you are not able to attend the workshop, you can still get your own copy. Just head straight over to Get Married and sign up today!

  • Get Married magazine is the first Bridal publication ever to use Microsoft Tag - which gives readers instant entertainment and connection to videos, websites, photos and information to their mobile phones - directly from the pages of the magazine.

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