02 November 2009

Reduce your stress

Let's face it - planning a wedding can be stressful. Add the the stress of everyday life and it can be downright overwhelming. What is a bride to be to do? There are actually several things you can do to help relieve stress:

  • Regular exercise. Not only will exercise relieve stress- you will get in shape as well.

  • Eat.........healthy foods. Drink LOTS of water.

  • Get a massage. Spend an hour or so with your favorite masseuse and feel your stress disappear.

  • BREATH - take a breather. I always advise my brides to take a few days off from the planning process. You may have looked at a MILLION photographers websites and now they all start looking the same. This is a sign it is time fr you to step away.

  • Plan early. Start your planning process early - then, you'll have the luxury to step away from the planning for a bit.

  • Stay organized. Start a binder when you first start planning. Use separate tabs for each of your categories.

What tips do you use to help relieve your bridal stress?

We'd love to hear.

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