20 July 2009


Ever wonder how the tradition of the bridal shower was started? Some say it stemmed from early dowry practices. Many times the bride and her family did not have enough money for the necessary dowry or the Father of the Bride did not approve of the marriage. The family and friends of the bride would "shower" her with gifts. This allowed her to have items to set up her new home with her husband. It was considered at one time bad etiquette for family members to throw the BRIDAL SHOWER. However, now the BRIDAL SHOWER may be thrown by anyone - with the exception of the BRIDAL couple. Most brides to be will have a work shower consisting of her work family.

"Who gets invited to the BRIDAL SHOWER?"

Bridal showers are considered pretty intimate affairs. The guest list should include family, friends and the bridal attendants. Proper etiquette dictates that anyone invited to the BRIDAL SHOWER should also be invited to the wedding. Otherwise.....well, you know what they will think.

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