12 July 2009

You are Cordially invited to.........

......a week day or Sunday wedding. Believe it or not, these weekday weddings are extremely popular these days. I can not tell you the amount of photographers who are blogging about the weddings they are photographing on these formally unconventional wedding days.

What is so great about these weddings? Where do I even begin...........?

One of the best reason is BUDGET. You can usually get much better deals from your vendors on these off peak days. For instance, MAVRIS CULTURAL CENTER in Indianapolis offers "The $6000 wedding" Visit the link above for complete details.
You may think your guest won't attend a week day or Sunday wedding? Think again....they are after all excited and happy for you. Most brides and grooms plan at least a year before the wedding - giving guests plenty of time to make arrangements. Travel costs are usually less during the week - as well as hotels.
Another advantage is that you may be able to get that perfect venue, photographer during the week who was already booked for the weekend - at a better deal.
What are your thoughts on week day or Sunday weedings? Did you have one - are you planning one? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Mavris Cultural Center Photos: Nathaniel Edmunds Photography

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