05 March 2010

FOTO FRIDAY - J Scott Photography

Today we are featuring, Jamie and Brandy Owens of J Scott Photography. J Scott is the photographer for one of my August brides and we couldn't be more thrilled.
This is such a cute description of them from their website:
J. Scott Photography is Jamie and Brandy Owens.  Jamie has a Fine Arts degree in Photography. Brandy’s degree is in Math. Jamie is from Southern Indiana.  Brandy is from Northern Indiana. Jamie loves sports.
Brandy hates sports. Jamie hates green beans. Brandy loves green beans. They played the “Odd Couple” theme at their wedding. Get the Picture?

 Be sure to visit their site for more beautiful photos. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!
You will find many of their photos gracing the pages of SOUTH - Indy's Southside magazine's Spring edition.

Photo Credit:  J Scott Photography

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