18 February 2009


I absolutely love great photography. I could and have sat for hours looking on line at photographers websites. Imagine my thrill when I was introduced to Jessica Milano - Limeberry of lemongrass photography. Lindsey Scrivner of Bustle Event Design introduced us and I fell in love with her photographs. Her work is fresh and captures the true essence of every person she photographs. She loves her work and it is quite evident. That is one of the many reasons lemongrass photography was chosen as THE OFFICIAL photographer for THE Indy Area Vendor Showcase - Bridal Event. You all may remember the feature we did on Molly Milano, e-vents assistant. Well, Jessica and Molly are sisters! I am so happy to know each of you.

e-vents: What was the inspiration for the name of your company?
Jessica Milano - Limeberry: Lemongrass was actually the color of my wedding! My favorite color is green, and when we picked a color, it was named lemongrass green, and it stuck! Our last name is Limeberry, so it seemed only fitting!

e-vents: What services/products do you provide?
Jessica Milano - Limeberry: I specialize in both portraits and weddings, and offer a wide variety of guest books, albums, canvases, and prints.

e-vents: What has been your greatest accomplishment thus far?
Jessica Milano - Limeberry: When I started Lemongrass, I thought it would be a great side business, but it has grown so fast, and I am so grateful! I think my greatest accomplishment is seeing the faces and reading the emails from brides who love their pictures. Knowing that they will be able to look through their album for the rest of their life, and still feel the love and excitement they felt on their wedding day, is so rewarding!

e-vents: What is the current trend in your industry?
Jessica Milano - Limeberry: I actually thing the big “trend” is to be trend-less! To me, and to the industry, it is important to make the images personal. I do all of my work on location and I work really hard to find a location that fits with that specific person or couple, and a place that will help them feel comfortable. It is my top priority that everyone’s photographs are personal and when they look at them they say, “that is so us!” This makes everyone’s images different, and keeps me on my toes, always striving to come up with new things.

e-vents: Describe your photography style……
Jessica Milano - Limeberry: My style is fresh, light, and a little classic. I want to produce images that will be beautiful forever. I love to mix a little photojournalism in with a more contemporary style. I like the focus to be simple, and don’t crowd the image with tons of extras. I like a modern, crisp, clean look.

e-vents: Suggestions for clients when preparing for a session ?
Jessica Milano - Limeberry: The most important thing is to feel yourself! Wear clothes make you comfortable and confident, and try to forget about me or the camera. Make the day special, eat your favorite foods, pamper yourself, get a manicure, get your makeup done, even if it isn’t your wedding day! Enjoy your self! Don’t worry about looking at the camera and smiling or saying “cheese”, just do what is natural, laugh, hug, kiss… the smiles will come naturally, and they will be beautiful!

e-vents: Suggestions for couples- to- be?
Jessica Milano - Limeberry: Love every second you are together! Weddings are so magical. I have been to the most amazing weddings and the best advice I can give, is to make it about you! Don’t worry about pleasing 300 people, just make it special to you. Weather you have a huge budget, or a tiny one. There are so many small personal touches, that can really make a wedding over the top. Even if that is just having your favorite food at the wedding, or having a non-traditional first dance, or going to a special spot for your pictures, little things can make a big difference!

Jessica, thanks again for stopping by and sharing.
Readers, please be sure to check out more on the lemongrass photography website. Stop by and visit her at her booth at the showcase as well.

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