18 February 2009

You're engaged ....now what ?

I've received a few excited phone calls from brides this week. All of whom were engaged over the Valentine's Day weekend. Isn't that sweet? I have always loved Valentine's Day even if it's just a romantic homemade dinner for two at home watching a great movie. Imagine how great it is for a young lady to get proposed to on this special day!

The next steps may seem overwhelming to you. My advice? Just relax for a few days and enjoy the moment. Some brides may already have ALL of the details figured out and just need to insert the groom. Others may have been taken completely by surprise. Either way, step back and savor this special time. Kiss each other LOTS!

Next, tell your parents. You should do this in person and ideally both of you will be there to share the wonderful news with them. Traditionally, the bride's parents are told before the grooms, but these days either way is fine.

Purchase a journal. Believe me, you'll be glad you did. You'll have a flood of emotions going on right now. A lot of brides these days are doing blogging instead of the traditional journaling. You may still want to purchase a nice paper journal. You can also keep all of your wedding ideas in your journal. And it's great fun to go back years later and reminisce about this special time in your life!

Announce your engagement. Many newspapers still list engagements. Check out your local newspaper for details. If you live in a different state, be sure to list them there as well.

You'll also want to share with your close family and friends.

Set the date. You'd be surprised to find out how difficult it is to plan a wedding when you DON'T know the date. So, take a bit of time , grab a calendar and your fiancee and select a date that works for you both. Don't rule out Friday's or Sundays. Many places offer GREAT deals for non-Saturday weddings.
We'll share even more in later blogs about the next steps you should take.............
Until then, have a love-ly day!

Featured couple: Rachael and David

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