02 February 2009

Contest from Lucious Verde Invitations!

From the One Wed.com website:

Win Some Luscious Invitations!
by Marta
I know you’re not really supposed to admit it, but I’m competitive. I LOVE to win. The problem is, I’m also incredibly uncoordinated. We’re talking the only girl at Camp Livingstone to ever tag herself out at softball. (It involved tripping over a bat - don’t ask).
So OneWed’s new contest is my kind of thing. We’ve hooked up with Luscious Verde, makers of truly fabulous and unique stationary and invites, to create a contest as unique as you. All you need to do is answer two short questions. Don’t worry, this isn’t like school - no studying required. We just want to know a little more about you.
So what’s the prize? Glad you asked! It's $5,000 worth of custom designed and printed invitations. That’s right, I said $5,000! So, Ladies, sharpen your pencils, start your computers and may the best bride win!
Go to
www.lusciousverde.com/rules to get started and read the full contest rules.

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