04 May 2009

Outdoor weddings

As we approach the onset of hot weather, many of you have planned outdoor venues for your wedding ceremonies. I am sure you have all come up with a back-up plan in case of rain, but have you thought about the sun? Outdoor weddings are beautiful - especially in a gorgeous garden with the sun beaming beautifully in a sky of blue. One down fall for some of your guests (especially the older ones) could be that same beautiful, bright sun. Your guests are dressed beutifully, makeup is on and will possibly become irritable and may be at risk for heat stroke. What to do? You can offer up travel bottles of sunscreen to your guest along with your names or monogram, personalized fans, misting fans or parasols. Today, we'll discuss the parasol option.

Their are so many to choose from - one of my personal favorite companies is Pamela's Parasols. She offers the best selection of parasols I have seen. There is even an organic selection - gotta love those. She also has a wonderful assortment of fans to choose from. Be sure to visit her site for more pictures and to see how she can personalize parasols for your outdoor summer wedding!

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