26 May 2009

Looking and feeling your best

I was in Nordstrom this past week doing some makeup shopping from one of my faves - Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. As I was going thru my goodies when I arrived home, I found a wonderful laminated card from Bobbi in my bag. A list of 10 items taht we all know we should do, but I think we forget about as we live our daily lives. I am definitely keeping this in my home office, work office and in my wallet. I think these are PERFECT for brides. Many times brides tend to get caught up in the planning and forget the few simple items. Take the time to smell the roses and......

  1. Spread beauty.

  2. Do what you love.

  3. Love what you do.

  4. Keep it simple.

  5. Laugh out loud.

  6. Go with the flow.

  7. Be real.

  8. Focus on the positive.

  9. Do your best.

  10. Just breathe.

Live your Life!

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