19 September 2009

Bridal Fitness - Amy Lee Martin

You may wonder when you will have the time for working out with all of the wedding planning you have going on - right? One tip I have is to incorporate your wedding planning with your workout. How? One way is to schedule dance lessons for you and your fiance. Dancing is a wonderful workout. Not only will you learn some awesome dance moves for your wedding day, you'll also relieve stress and burn calories.
Need a motivator? Team up with a friend - someone who will help you get to the gym or out for a walk.

Need more advice from a pro? I would like to introduce Amy Lee Martin to you!

Amy Lee Martin
IFBB Professional Figure Athlete; Nutritional & Training Coach, Fitness Model

Amy has always considered health and fitness a big part of her life. Growing up she excelled in gymnastics, cross-country and track and field. After organized sports Amy began leading group fitness; teaching classes like step, bootcamp as well as strength and resistance programs. Seeking new challenges Amy began competing in NPC figure competitions. Competing only briefly as an amateur Amy earned her IFBB professional status in July 2008 at the USA Championships in Las Vegas, NV. Amy is joined by her husband Doug Martin who shares the same strong background experience in fitness, training and nutrition. Together they are determined to help empower women to achieve their fitness goals. Amy and Doug are available to provide fitness tips, training advice and designing individual nutritional plans. More information can be found by visiting www.amyleemartin.com

*Amy has been published nationally in Oxygen Magazine, Iron Man Magazine, and NPC News Magazine; locally in Indy.com

Be on the lookout for special Bridal Bootcamps from Amy coming soon!
Indiana area Brides can hear and meet Amy at the Bridal Boutique Luncheon - a wedding workshop on Oct. 25th. Register here!

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