27 September 2009

Bridal Hair with ....................

As a bride, I am sure you have a million questions - ranging from invitations to flowers to HAIR. What do you do with your hair on your wedding day? What if it's humid? Should I do an updo? How do I place my veil? This is were professional expertise comes in. Julie Hill from Imagine Three is just the person you need! Julie and her sisters own Imagine Three. Here is a bit from their website:

Imagine three strong-willed women collaborating, utilizing their talents, and producing pure bliss. Together, we possess unique talents that are used together and complement one another. We can either work together or work separately to provide you with the perfect service.

Imagine Three provides three professional services: photography, cosmetic artistry, and hairstyling. Our services range from weddings to formal events, photo shoots, portfolios, and senior pictures. Imagine it, dream it; we can do it.

Imagine Three photography also provides services for studio portrait sessions, weddings, and other events, as well as on-site sessions for groups or individuals.

From Julie Hill:
"I have been dedicated to the art of hairdressing for 16 years. My desire is to find everyone’s individual beauty and bring it to its full potential. When I’m creating, everything I do is thoughtful and with purpose. Inspiration is everywhere; for every color I use and every curl I place there is a reason and an inspiration behind it.

Over the years, I have built my talent through education, mentorship, and learning from others, and from that I continue to grow, learn each day, and keep my passion alive. I have been truly blessed with a gift that I am very lucky to have and am even happier to share. My goal is to make a woman feel wonderful about herself and create something just for her; as a result, I feel I am in the business of making people happy and beautiful. "

You don't want to miss Julie's presentation in Indianapolis on October 25th at BRIDAL BOUTIQUE a wedding workshop. She will have models displaying updo styles as well as teach you how to place bridal veils.

You will also have a chance to purchase THE BLISS BOOK. Bliss is an inspirational guide for brides, stylists, and women of all ages. If you're looking for a style for your formal event or your wedding, this is your source. If you're a stylist, this is the perfect "look book" for inspiration as well as a guide for your clients. Each page is simple; the styles are thoughtful, up-to-date, and focus only on the hair and make-up. Each style is classic and offers a wide range of looks for your next event.

Bliss is printed as a soft cover book and with over 150 pages and 80 hairstyles to choose from. Bliss is the new age of "look books," and we proudly present it to you.

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