21 September 2009

Volunteers at your wedding....

You have announced your engagement to everyone and now the offers for assistance are pouring in. Uncle Joe loves taking pictures and does a great job capturing the family reunion, but he's not a professional. Cousin Mary has a friend from work who is a wonderful cook, but she's not a professional. Donnie DJ knows how to pick a great dance song, but he is not a professional. Everyone means well. Really, they do. Usually, their intent is to save you money. You think it's a great idea UNTIL......... someone can't make the wedding (you name the reason), you find out your "DJ" is afraid to make announcements, your "caterer" only has crock pots to keep the food warm and no assistants and your "photographer's" finger is in just about every picture he has taken of your wedding day. Believe me, I have heard horror stories like these and many more.

It is so important to hire professional wedding vendors - with references - for your big day. Be sure to do your research and interview, interview, interview!

Ask questions - who will do my wedding in the event something happens to you?, do you have a contract, may I see pictures of your most recent work?, references from recent brides?

Have a LOVE-ly day!

Photo Credit: Goldberg Photography, Indianapolis

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Howerton+Wooten Events said...

Very nice post!

Love & Soul Always, Kay

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