22 October 2008

Vendor Showcase - Digital Princess Productions

Today we have the honor of a visit from Mercedes Blackehart from Digital Princess Productions.

Tell us a little bit about Digital Princess Productions- what services do you offer?Mercedes Blackehart and Andrea Reese are the co-owners and videographers of Digital Princess and come from the film industry.I (Mercedes) have a bachelors from Art Center College of Design which adds a lot of creativity to the business. We offer a variety of packages from SD to HD,from 4 hours to 12 hours, with custom DVD's, hand-made packaging and ad-on options like a Love Story Interview, Boudoir Video and Slide Show.
Why did you decide to start Digital Princess Productions? When I was getting married I could not find a videographer I liked. Most everything was long, cheesy, boring and to epic Italian music.I had been freelance editing for another videographer and thought, 'Hey, I can do this, but better!' Still nothing had materialized, until one day, while working on a movie, the line producer and I started talking and became business partners. With the experience of the film world behind us, we are so proud to offer such a cool pro duct to brides-to-be. Finally, wedding videos that are fun, fast, entertaining and to the music of their choice!
What do you enjoy most about about your job? Gosh, so much really. I love shooting the wedding day, my partner and I both find ourselves tearing up at the emotional moments and smiling ear to ear when it gets fun and lively. I am primarily responsible for the editing, and I love piecing the story back together in a way that captures the spirit of the wedding day. I also really love that we are one of the few female videography teams out there, and I think that it gives us a leg-up on what brides want.
What qualities should a couple look for when hiring their videographer?Firstly, absolutely make sure you hire someone who loves what they are doing. When a videographer hates shooting weddings, it shows through in the footage. Secondly, love your videographers, they will spend the day following you around, it's important that you get along.Thirdly, love the style of the videographer, although most videographers say they are flexible, they may be only so much.
What has been the highlight of your career to date? The privilege of shooting celebrity and co-host of the Adam Carolla show, Teresa Strasser. She had an informal wedding in Las Vegas at the Venetian.Not only was it fun shooting a destination wedding, Teresa and her man were just darling and we had such a blast following them around all over Vegas! Also we got mentioned in Las Vegas Brides!
One piece of advice for Brides-to-be? Delegate on your wedding day! With our without a wedding planner, have people handling the vendors, the location, everything! You should only be concerned with looking beautiful walking down the isle to your hubby-to-be!
Anything else you'd like to add?
You can visit us at http://www.digitalprincessproductions.com/
Read our blog at http://www.digitalprincessproductions.blogspot.com/
And follow us on twitter at www.twitter.com/digitalprincess
Thanks for stopping by, Mercedes!

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