31 January 2009

Wedding Traditions II - Brazilian

Brazil is located in eastern south America bordering the Atlantic Ocean. It is by far the largest country in South America but slightly smaller than the United States. It is a very beautiful and tropical country. Brazil is a new country and most of it's customs are based on old rituals. It's a country with a big European influence.
The Brazilian population consists of 94% Roman Catholics. Brazilian weddings are very traditional containing only a few differences from the weddings that we have in the U.S. Certain differences are the attire that is worn, foods, the wedding party and the entertainment.

Brazilian folklore and wedding traditions are among the most expressive of the world. Songs, dance, food , legends, dance along with the mixture of the culture create an experience unlike any other.

Capirinha is a Brazilian drink made of an alcohol called "cachaça" (cashassa) which is like rum but made from sugar cane instead of molasses then put into very sweet limeade.
1 lime quartered
1 tablespoon of sugar
1 shot of cachaça / vodka is a substitute
1/2 Cup of ice cubes with water
Place the lime and sugar in the bottom of a glass.
Using the handle of a wooden spoon, crush and mash
the limes. Pour the liqueur and ice. Stir well.
1 lime
2 ounces of cachaça
Sugar to taste
Ice cubes
Wash the lime and roll it on the board to loosen the juices. Cut the lime into pieces and place them in a glass. Sprinkle with the sugar and crush the pieces (pulp side up) with a pestle. Just enough to release the juice, otherwise it will get bitter. Add the cachaça and stir to mix. Add the ice and stir again. It is delicious and potent!
You can also make a pitcher of caipirinha. Figure out how many people and multiply amounts. If you can't find cachaça where you live, use a good vodka. The drink will then be called caipiroshka. No vodka? Use white rum and you will have a caipiríssima.

Traditionally, the bride must be late - not too late - but at least 10 minutes. She doesn't want to arrive before her groom.

Lots of wonderful Samba music fills the air. Pagode is a form of Samba (the dance).

Bumba-Meu-Boi ~ "A man would prove his worth as a suitable husband by his ability to tame an unbridled donkey." If his attempts were successful, he had permission to marry the daughter of the man who owned the donkey.

Both the man and woman wear engagement rings on their RIGHT hands until they are married at which time they are switched to the left hands.

Photo credit: Roxanne Parker Photography

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Anonymous said...

Caipirinha is a great cocktail for a traditional Brazilian wedding! I love using Boca Loca, a premium Brazilian cachaca, in my caipirinhas. It's so versatile and all natural; a great brand of cachaca to use!

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