18 December 2008

Friday Fave - Kate Spade

Brides (or anyone) looking for some beautiful jewelry need look no further than the new jewelry line at Kate Spade. They have a WONDERFUL selection of items sure to please just about anyone. I became a fan of Katie ( as my friends and I like to call her) about 10 years ago. Her purses and shoes are absolutely gorgeous and well made. imagine my delight when I found out about the new jewelry line. These items are perfect as bridal jewelry as well as Attendants gifts.
Many of you will remember my post about brooches a few posts back. Here are two that are to die for from the Kate Spade collection:

Looking for a bracelet? Try this on for size:

Just for fun- here are some other gorgeous KS items:

THE BEST PART? You can get 30% off now at Kate Spade. Hurry sale ends soon!

1 comment:

Ida said...

I love Kate Spade - her purse line is such fun!

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