20 December 2008

New Series

Dear Readers,
e-vents is starting a new series featuring Wedding Traditions from all around the world. I think it is such a wonderful element to include a little bit of your family traditions into your wedding. Unfortunately, many of the traditions have been lost as time has passed. Why not incorporate them into your wedding? This is the perfect way to share your heritage with your guests. It is also the perfect way to honor your loved ones and to learn about your future husbands background. The research can truly be amazing. Share a bit of the traditions in your programs.

We'll travel the world as we reveal wedding traditions across the globe.

Would you like to include your wedding pictures in an upcoming segment? Just email them to me (see the email address to the right) and I'll include your photos in the segment specific to your tradition. Be sure to let me know who your photographer and planner was so I can give full credit.
I hope you enjoy the series!
Photo credit: Roxanne Parker

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