21 December 2008

Italian Wedding Customs and Traditions

It is customary in Veneto for a couple to walk to the wedding chapel together. While on their way to their nuptials, the townspeople place obstacles in the brides way. This is done to see how she will react to domestic situations. For example - if she picks up the broom placed in her way, she will keep a clean house. If they place a crying child in her way and she stops to help, they believe she will be a wonderful mother.

In other regions, the couple is given a log to cut in half using a double handled saw. This demonstrates their partnership in love and marriage.
Sunday marriages are considered to be the luckiest.
The actual wedding ceremony (sposalizio) is performed by a priest or civil authority. Old church tradition warns against marrying during Lent or Advent. A lengthy celebration begins with mass , then dancing and feasting into the wee hours.
Food for fertility -
Confetti ( candy coated almonds wrapped in mesh bags to throw at the couple.
Twists of fried dough powdered with sugar tied in a bow which is called a wanda.
The food at the wedding is just as important as the wedding iteself. Guests are served as many as 14 different courses along with wine and other beverages.
Guests are served sweet liquor and strong drinks by the Best Man before the dinner. This gives the guests a chance to taost the happy couple with "Per cent'anni "which means for one hundred years.
Desserts are a HUGE part of a traditional italian wedding. Many times, there is no wedding cake.Instead, there is a cookie cake. The bride and groom begin a line of dancing guests and everyone takes a cookie as they pass by. Non-dancing guests are allowed to take cookies after the cookie dance is finished. Why not have an espresso and cappucino bar set up for your guests as a nice addition to the desserts?
Use regional colors for your wedding decor. Think of Tuscany. Another option would be to incorporate the colors of the Italian flag - red,white and green. Think - red roses, white linens and sage- if the tradional bright colors aren't to your liking.
photo credits: jules photography

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