15 December 2008

What about gifts?

I have been asked many times - "Should I send my gift to the couple or take it to the reception?"

While my take on this it is much better for all involved if you have the gift sent to the couple BEFORE the wedding day. The bridal couple doesn't have to worry about having someone in charge of transporting said gifts to the couples new home. The giver doesn't have to worry about carrying the gift to the site. There are no worries that the couple may not receive the gift.

Most stores offer free shipping on bridal registry gifts. Traditionally, gifts are mailed to the couples new home address or to the address on the R.S.V.P. envelope. ( Brides - just be careful of what address you use.)

Even though that is my preferred way, it doesn't mean you shouldn't ask the couple or someone close to them what they prefer. I have NEVER been to a wedding where the couple doesn't have a gift table and an attendant to accept gifts.

What's your preference- I'd love to know!

Have a LOVE-ly day!
photo credit: Potterry Barn


Newport Nuptials said...

I think it would be better to receive at home, one less thing to worry about on the day of. Although I would still have a table for guests who do bring them to the reception.

K Sherrie+Co Planning Atelier said...

Send it! That's my preference as a wedding planner and would be my preference as a bride.

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