13 December 2008

Please sign on the dotted line ....or the IMPORTANCE OF VENDOR CONTRACTS

I can not say this enough......make sure you have signed contracts from all of your vendors. Although I am sure all of your vendors have the best intentions, anything could happen that could ruin your day. With a contract, you'll have some sort of recourse. I can not tell you how many times I have referred to a vendor contract when planning weddings and events. Most times, just to review specifics. However, there have been several times where I have had to gently remind the vendor of the promises made to my client.

Before signing your contract, make sure the following are included:

*Day, date and time contract is signed
*Day, date, time and location of wedding ceremony and reception
*Delivery dates, times and locations
*Complete list of services to be provided, including the number of hours, breaks, etc.
*The appropriate attire for the vendor
*The name of the contact person or person in charge of your wedding
*The bride's name and contact number
*The groom's name and contact number
*The mother of the bride's name and contact number
*The name of the wedding consultant and contact information if applicable
*Alternative service or merchandise in case of a problem
*Amount of deposit paid and payment schedule
*Cancellation and refund policy
*Last date to make changes to services or provide final guest count

I would also suggest that you research the company your vendor will use in case of an emergency. Who knows, it could be Cousin Lenny who only uses disposable cameras - who wants that???

Be sure to read the fine print as well. Remember, you don't have to sign the contract right away. Take your time to look it over and then sign.

Make sure you keep all copies of contracts in a safe place and review them often.

If at all possible, pay by credit card. There are special federal consumer protection laws that protect all payments made with a credit card. If you can prove that the service that you contracted for were not provided, you can usually get your credit card credited for the amount of the deposit.

Have a LOVE-ly day!

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