13 February 2010

Best Chocolate in Town............

So, are you trying to find that something sweet and special for your valentine? If you waited until the few hours before to get started gift buying or just need an additional goody, then be sure to stop by Indianapolis' very  own - THE BEST CHOCOLATE IN TOWN.  The shop is located at 880 Mass Avenue - downtown Indianapolis. Not in the area? You can also order online here.
I was given my first taste as a birthday gift and have been a HUGE fan ever since.  My favorite: Pecan Turtle squares. Some of their other items include:

*Truffles-40 delicious and interesting flavors
*Caramels-Sea Salt (practically famous), Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate
*Toffee-Buttery Crunchy Toffee in almonds or no nuts at all
*Dipped Pretzels, Grahams, Oreos
*Peanut Butter and Coconut Bon Bons
*Chocolate Covered Popcorn
*Kangabars-Crispies, peanut butter, honey in milk chocolate
*Peanut Butter Crunch-this is habit forming
*Gelato- Provided by Gelato Da Vinci!
*Sugar-Free Chocolates!!!
From their website:
The Best Chocolate In Town, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Elizabeth Garber. Elizabeth brought her fine arts background and her love of chocolate together to create this specialty chocolate company. She and her staff promise to bring you premium quality chocolates as well as friendly service. All our chocolates are hand-made and hand-packed at our commercial kitchen and retail space on Mass Ave in Indianapolis. Not only can you find our chocolates online, you can find them in gourmet gift baskets, coffee houses and gourmet food shops. You can also find our truffles on the dessert menu at R Bistro, one of the top restaurants in Downtown Indianapolis. You can find our Dark Chocolate Guinness Truffles at the Chatterbox Jazz Club on Massachusetts Avenue as well.

They are opened today from 11-7pm and Sunday from 11-4.

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