13 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day 2010

What can I say? I LOVE Valentine's Day. It is probably my favorite non-religious holiday. My deep affection for the holiday dates way back to my childhood. I remember making Valentine's Day boxes. These cute little boxes held our Valentine's Day cards from classmates.  With white wrapping paper and decorated with red and pink construction hearts, these boxes held the most wonderful cards in the world. I also remember  receiving Valentine's Day cards and Chocolate Turtles in a heart shaped box from my father every year. I still miss this - after almost 15 years. You may think my husband and I go all out for Valentine's Day. We don't.  Our day is simple, we usually enjoy a wonderful dinner at home just enjoying the day and each other and our pups. I do believe that you should show the ones you love how you feel every day, but isn't it fun just to have this one extra special day of love? How will you enjoy your day?

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