07 February 2010


Pearls appear to be showing up all over the place now - AGAIN. Traditional pearls are classic for weddings. Often, these are ones passed down from your mother or grandmother. What a beautiful way to include a bit of your family jewelry into your wedding day accessories. Now, we are seeing more trendy pearls making they way into wedding wear. The big chunky ones add a bit of hip, cool, chicness to your attire.

Here is a bit about different types of pearls from essortment.com:

There are a lot of different styles of pearls. Just because it's not the standard round white pearl, doesn't mean it's not a pearl. You have the round pearls, which range in different colors; baroque pearls, which are round-shaped or pear shaped. You never know what shape it's going to be. You have sea salt pearls and fresh water pearls and those are the one's that look like pearls. They are real funny yellow tint. They are natural pearls, they are just fresh water pearls, so they don't grow as round and they don't look as perfect as sea cultured pearls. Then you have the Tahitian pearls, which are grown only in Tahiti and they are black or silver. Some have a purple hue to them, but those are natural too. There are so many different colors and a variety of pearls out there and just because it's not a standard one, doesn't mean it is not a real one.
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