05 February 2010


The Color Of Love: Red is the symbolic color of Valentine’s Day. But, whether you choose to marry on the holiday or not, incorporate this look into your day!

Valentine’s Day might be the most “commercially” romantic day of the year, but my guess is if you plan to wed in 2010 then your date takes the cake. So while you might not say “I Do” on this banner date, what if you want to incorporate hints of the holiday into your big day?

Red is not only the symbolic color of Valentine’s Day but certainly the most romantic color in the bridal palette, representing love in many languages. But the color can be overused and oversaturated at an event, so use it accordingly (and sparingly in some places) and your wedding day look will be engrained in guests’ minds for decades to come.

Before you accent your bouquet with Black Magic roses, consider all the options - you’d be surprised at just how many are out there.

Black Baccara
This rose is as close to black as you can get and as the bloom opens, the color extends from black to a deep blueberry and burgundy. Velvety in texture, this rose stands out – but beware, not for the faint of heart.

Black Beauty
There is really something alluring about near black buds. This hybrid rose is slightly smaller than the ‘Black Baccara’. An all around dark burgundy, sought after for its unique beauty.

Black Magic
Black Magic roses are a deep, deep red (think Ashlee Simpson’s wedding). Place these beauties next to Baccara and Beauty roses, and you can see that they are the lightest of the three, but a valid member of the dark rose family. If you love the idea of a mysterious ambiance but aren’t quite head over heels for something too dark, this is your flower.

Ruby Red
A cluster-like bloom of cheerful cherry red. This rose takes the cake if you want to celebrate with color, but still want that romantic rouge.

Cherry Parfait
Swirls of white petals with a broad cherry-red edge are sweet and delicate. Spring has sprung with these little ones!

Chrysler Imperial
This stunning beauty captivates people with a powerful rich rose fragrance matched with velvety red petals. Large headed full flowers are supported by straight stems and paired with dark matte-green leaves.

Hot Chocolate
These warm chocolate burnt-red and orange blooms grow in clusters and look fabulous in low and lush arrangements. Large and loose, they repeatedly flower throughout the year to compliment a romantic summer night gathering or a winter wedding. Almost good enough to eat – ahh, but most rose varieties are edible!

Large overflowing clusters of deep velvety red seem to continually 'erupt' from a background of smooth green leaves, creating a look that is sure to wow!

Lover’s Lane
Even though the color is deeply saturated, this bloom is surprisingly bright thanks to its lightly colored reverse side. A striking example of the classic garden rose. Pluck in the earlier stage of blossoming to enjoy as it opens and settles into a stunning end result.

Uncommonly lovely, this is an absolutely unique rose. Its checkered red and white petals are one of a kind. Some are burgundy with white splashes and others cream and red combinations. Very little excess foliage allows for a rightful central focus.

A darling little bud of a flower, long lasting and single-petaled, consists of a cherry red hue with a yellow center. A very summery flower, perfect for the mason jar wedding or outdoor summer celebration.

These are just a select few of the coveted red rose varieties. With hundreds of other variations, including the Amore, Happy Hour, Temptation, Red Corvette, Rodeo, El Toro, Valentine, and Cherry Lady; sweethearts’ wedding options are truly endless.

“That which we call a rose; by any other name would smell as sweet.” – Shakespeare

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