31 August 2008

ASK THE PLANNER SUNDAY- Why should I pick a theme?

Theme weddings are all the rage now. Not only because they are fun to plan, but because they make so much sense. Once you select a theme, it makes it that much easier to select flowers,decorations and everything else. There are so many themes to choose from. Although, I always tell my brides and grooms they should select based on their personalities.

Some themes are :

Christmas - this is a GREAT choice because you can save on church decor because most churches decorate for the Christmas season and you won't have to purchase as many flowers - if any at all.

College or Sports team theme - This will really get the groom involved!

Asian Theme - One of my favorites.

Bling! Theme- Lots of crystals are crucial for this theme!

The sky is the limit on themed weddings - just look around.

What will your theme be? I'd love to hear it-just leave a comment here!

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