05 August 2008

Inspiration Tuesday- Bridal Showers

These are two of my favorite bridal shower themes:

High Tea Theme

Gifts: Kitchen or Dinner ware items from the couple’s registry

Invitations /Place cards: Tea cup design from !

Venue: Many hotels serve High Tea or you can do it yourself at home

Décor: Will use the hotels linens, tea service, and china and room décor.
Additions: Vases of light pink roses and votives on each table.

Food: Tea sandwiches – cucumber, chicken salad, salmon and cream cheese
Assorted French pastries
Scones (with clotted cream, jellies and lemon curd)
Assorted teas, water

Party games: Who knows the bride best?
Wedding Day word scramble

Hostess Gifts: Tea stained scrolls with the history of tea and how to brew the perfect pot of tea.

Clambake Theme - Couples Shower

Venue: Beach or Lakefront (or your own backyard)

Décor: Cushions, blankets, towels, seashells, starfish, nautical, citronella torches

Invitations: Nautical from !

Food: Clams, lobster, crab, corn, potatoes, broccoli
Beer, wine, water, lemonade

Games: Beach volley ball, getting to know you for family and friends

What have been some of your favorite themes? Leave a comment

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love those two ideas - I'd like to do the "clambake" at some point

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