24 August 2008


Question: Where do I find inspiration for my wedding? I have several favorite colors and style. I am getting very confused.

Answer: You can find inspiration anywhere you are. Look around you - flowers,shoes,childhood games/memories, favorite traveling spots. My suggestion to you would be to grab some poster boards and magazine pictures, photos and start pasting away. Don't just look at bridal magazines either. In Style, Vogue, People, etc. have great pictures for inspiration. Think of your favorite songs - perhaps there is something in the lyrics that inspires you. Also, don't forget your grooms favorite things. Remember, it's his wedding, too!


Sincerely, Katasha {at} K Sherrie+Company Weddings said...

Great job on posting frequently (almost daily!). The more you blog, the easier it will get for you. I wish you MUCH success!

egrego160 said...

Thanks, Katasha! You have really been an inspiration for me! Thanks for all of your wisdom!

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