01 August 2008

Why hire a professional wedding consultant?

Some Common Objections:
1. The caterer says he will be the coordinator for the reception and there is a church coordinator
2. I can’t afford it
3. Mom and I want to plan together
4. What will you do that I can’t do on my own?
5. Only rich people have coordinators
6. My sister, friend, etc. said they will help me with everything

Why hire a Bridal Consultant?
1. Consultant is the person covering both Ceremony and Reception and everything in between
2. The Consultant is the person who is for the couple, “their People” – we have no other focus
3. The Consultant knows you well after many months together. How well does the catering sales person or church coordinator know you, the bride and mom?
4. The Consultant offers peace of mind because they know what is in your head (people who just step in for Day Of really don’t). That commodity is priceless
5. Consider this analogy: the Bride & Groom are the stars of the show – the consultant is the director or stage manager, making sure the production is flawless.
6. Other budget areas can be adjusted to make room for the most important piece, the consultant. You can limit the bar, plan a less expensive meal, have fewer attendants
7. Consultants can offer testimonials from our folder of events. Experience counts mightily.
8. If the mom and bride want to do most of the planning, that is fine. The consultant should be hired as early as possible to avoid costly mistakes. Most consultants will be happy to work mainly toward the end with limited communication in between. But the more they know, the better able they are to be of service. Minimum suggested pre-planning hours would be 6.
9. Brides and Moms are both working in many instances. How do you keep on track with your job and do the job of pulling together a major event?
10. Bride, groom and parents should enjoy the wedding day – A Joyful Day for all
11. The Consultant is often a good mediator between Bride and Groom and their Mothers/Fathers. Each person often has his or her own agenda.
12. An excellent consultant has contacts and experience, is a problem solver and is geared for contingencies and emergencies. A friend is not all that, and is also usually an invited guest.
13. The consultant will know the inside about vendors and can present an impartial view of what is in the best interest of the client and their budget. Many venues often have a preferred list of vendors based on the fact that they bought an ad in their recent marketing brochure.
14. The Consultant works with the bride, church and caterer in coordinating schedules. In addition they work with the photographer and entertainment director to make sure the wedding meshes seamlessly. The consultant also confirms all vendors and maintains a contact list. The good consultant works well with the other hired vendors, letting them do a professional job.
15. Etiquette for a wedding is vital. The experienced Consultant knows Etiquette and will be able to resolve issues based on etiquette standards.
16. Many consultants will work for an hourly fee before the wedding to make sure the wedding is on the right track. Some may also be willing to work only at the reception to keep the client fee as low as possible if budget is an issue.
17. Consultants will customize packages to meet the needs of any particular wedding to keep costs in line. The minimum package should include some preplanning hours and then whatever is needed for the rehearsal, ceremony and reception. Plan carefully. Maybe you get friends to take your gifts home, pack up your votives, etc. at the end of the evening. Think creatively to save money and still have your consultant on board.
18. The only people who should NOT hire a consultant are: Someone whose entire budget is taken up with food and beverage for the guests, or a bride or mom who is so fearful of giving up control of the event that they would not relax with it in someone else’s hands.
19. A Consultant is critical. We plan, coordinate, design, mediate, and mesh all the elements for a wedding. We listen and we act based on the needs of the client. Many claim to be coordinators when in reality they are the DJ, the Photographer, the caterer, the hair and makeup person, even the seamstress – each of whom have a totally different focus.
20. Day of Coordinator – a better name would be Consulting Services – Silver Package: Preplanning Consulting and Rehearsal and Wedding Day Coordination. EVERY consultant for a wedding should include in the package of time E-mail and phone contact, preplanning (at least 6 hours), attendance at the rehearsal and the wedding. Even if the ceremony is eliminated from the Silver (day of package), the consultant should be at the rehearsal to let the wedding party know what is happening the following day and meet all of the important people. Sterling Service, The Basics
21. The ABC Edge – All members are required to submit proof of continuing education each year for renewal. All members must sign a Code of Ethics statement and adhere to the standards. The Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) also has a director of compliance for issues and resolution.

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