07 November 2008


This weeks Friday Fave is ...Mossimo Black Layered Effect from Target. This bag is awesome. Those of you who know me well, know of my love for designer bags. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Kate Spade - just to name a few. I definitely have spent a pretty penny on these designer bags and I love them dearly. However, guess what I have been carrying for the last few weeks? Every color of the Mossimo Black Layered Effect tote from Target. The bag comes in black, brown, teal, cream and olive green. The bags are smooshy soft leather like and HUGE. I carried one for the photo shoot and for my meetings as they hold alot of items. The great thing is I don't feel like I loose things in the bag. I have received so many compliments on these bags.

While I am celebrating the greatness of Target, dontcha just love the $1 bins? That is the first place I head to when I arrive at Target. I have found so many wonderful stocking stuffers and wedding/party items inside of the bins. I adore all of the Hello Kitty items they sell and can't wait to give them to my niece once she gets older. My latest greatest find there are the hand and feet warmers. We use these for our annual snowboarding/skiing /tubing trips. A sporting goods store sells them for MUCH more, but I bet the Target ones are just as good. I'll let you all know in January after our trip if they are equal.

Have a great Friday and weekend........

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letrice@Le'Penn Designs said...

I LOOOVVVVEEEEE target! Sometimes me and my hubby go there for no reason, lol I'll have to check those bags out....I {heart} BIG purses!

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