22 November 2008

Thanks giving or giving thanks....

As Thanksgiving Day is quickly approaching, I thought it only fitting that we give a little thanks!

Info from Wilstar:

Most stories of Thanksgiving history start with the harvest celebration of the pilgrims and the Indians that took place in the autumn of 1621. Although they did have a three-day feast in celebration of a good harvest, and the local Indians did participate, this "first Thanksgiving" was not a holiday, simply a gathering. There is little evidence that this feast of thanks led directly to our modern Thanksgiving Day holiday. Thanksgiving can, however, be traced back to 1863 when Pres. Lincoln became the first president to proclaim Thanksgiving Day. The holiday has been a fixture of late November ever since.

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday, but Thanksgiving is my second fave. I love that no one expects anything, but many offer everything. My heart is warmed every time I hear a story of how a family has been helped throughout the season. Most of these same people extend their kindness throughout the year. It can be as small as giving someone a few cans of food each week to as large as you want it to be...... I have been extremely blessed to have a loving family and dear friends to share this holiday and all holidays with.

So, what are YOU Thankful for? I'll start the list- please add yours - I'd love to hear and so would my Special Guests!

I am thankful for:

  • My husband & family - who have stood behind me ALWAYS and I love you ALL!

  • My old friends - you mean more to me than you will ever know

  • My jobs- I love that I am able to do what I love (event planning) and love that my other job helps me do it for now!

  • My new friends - you all are the best!

  • My doggies, Maxi and Coco - Could there be any better BEST FRIENDS!!

  • My clients - I wouldn't be were I am without you. Thanks for helping me grow my business.

  • For extra - I am extremely thankful that we are in a position to help others, it's not a lot, but every little bit matters.

I could go on and on. But now it's your turn...in only takes a sec!


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jiwakitamerdeka said...

Kindness shown in this world is a reflection of one portion of Allah’s mercy, as it is related in a hadith/saying of the Prophet Muhammad:

"Allâh created mercy with a hundred parts. One of which was sent down upon the jinn and human beings and other living creatures. It is out of this one part that they love each other, show kindness to one another, and even the animals treat their offspring with affection. Allâh has reserved the remaining ninety-nine parts for his true worshippers on the Day of Judgment." (Bukhari)

Mankind show love to one another based on this one portion of mercy, it leaves one in awe as to how Merciful Allah will be to man on the Day of Judgment, far more merciful than a devoted mother to her child....

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