11 November 2008

Lead the Way and Be a Follower

I don't really like the title "Follower" for the new feature that Blogger added. So, why not be one of my SPECIAL GUESTS?
I'd love to know who you are and feature you in a special spot on my blog.
Just click the SPECIAL GUEST link to the right to be added and guess what? I'll be your guest as well!

Happy Tuesday!


Crossroads Cottage said...

I'm loving this photo. Just too darling. And I've been very bad. I've been meaning to send you my blog guest responses for weeks but life has been crazy, crazy! I still have it in my inbox and hope to get to it soon! I do apologize as I normally don't have to put stuff off for this long!

Nicole Scott-Tate said...

Sounds good to me. You have a nice blog too!

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