10 January 2009

Ask the Planner......

Do I really need wedding insurance? My answer is YES!!! Personal opinion of course. However, considering the cost, I think it should be included as a necessity in your wedding budget. I was just watching a news segment from 39 news on line called Recession Proof your wedding. It features a bride who lost her venue after Hurricane Ike wreaked havoc in the area. She lost roughly $6000. Can you imagine??? Fortunately, Hotel Zaza stepped up and hosted their reception at a fraction of the cost. In fact, they stepped up and hosted a lot of weddings in the area because of Ike. Anyway, the bride says if they had wedding insurance, she would have recouped all of her money. The cost of wedding day insurance is relatively inexpensive - considering what could happen.

Consider this situations: Sudden death or illness,someone slips and falls at your wedding, lost or damaged formal wear,photography mishaps, stolen or damaged wedding gifts.
What it won't cover is a broken heart (Fireman's Fund has introduced a new plan which does include this, but restrictions apply) and existing medical conditions.
Premiums start @ $95 and go up based on the cost of your wedding. Check with your insurance agent for specifics in your area.
Other ways you can protect yourself:
  • Research vendors thoroughly. The Internet allows you the convenience of researching most companies on line. I also recommend actually speaking to other brides who have used the vendors services. Reputable vendors will not have a problem giving you referral numbers.
  • Keep your deposits small. This will cut your loss should something happen.
  • Pay with a credit card. You'll be able to dispute charges with your credit card company. Be sure to keep all receipts so you'll have documentation in case of a dispute.

Brides or Brides-to-be: Did you or do you plan to use wedding insurance? I'd love to hear why or why not.


Photo credit: Savannah Wedding Design

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Brenda Heisler said...

I felt so sorry for the bride when I saw that photo. I wanted to cry too. I never thought about ins for that. Everyone should thank you for the info.

Thank you for the follow. My blog is new, so I appreciate it. My plan is to offer free help to those starting a blog. I also am a business owner (golf course) and hope to offer advise on business.

Thanks again. I enjoy your blog and all the lovely photos.

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