20 January 2009

Meet the Team.......Vara Fore

I'd like to introduce you to one of the newest members of the e-vents team......Vara Fore. I am so excited to have Vara on board. You'll find a little bit more about her below. Be sure to check back often to read was she has to say from a bridal salon viewpoint and much , much more.

I attend IVY Tech Community College majoring in Event Management
I have always loved the idea of weddings and putting them together since it is one of your biggest days/memories ever. Someone who sparked my interest in it a little more would be my mother. She realized that I liked putting things together or even decorating and mentioned Event Planning.
I hope to gain a sense of knowledge, accomplishment, a great network base, and hopefully a career that I have had my heart set on for a long time and will be able to make something of my dream.
For fun I enjoy spending time with my friends (who are in the process of getting married), hanging out with my boyfriend Justin, spending time with my family, watching movies, and the typical girlie things.
A current trend that I have seen is destination weddings (I would love to have one of my own but I know I won’t have everyone there that should be there).
The biggest asset I could bring to the wedding industry is my knowledge of how to plan an event. Knowing what things you need to do and get. Also working at a bridal store helps since you start with the most important thing in a wedding; the dress. It ends up setting the mood for everything as well as the venue.
Favorite flavor of ice cream would be strawberry and chocolate.
Favorite movie(s): P.S. I Love You, The Holiday, This Christmas, 27 Dresses, The Wedding Planner, How To Loose a Guy in 10 Days; girlie movies really
Favorite actor: Matthew McConaughey actress: Jessica Alba
I’m more of a magazine person than a book reader. I should get in the habit of reading books though.
Favorite wedding song…well I know I have my song picked out for when I have my “first” dance with the groom. “More Than Words” by Extreme but Frankie J does a version of it that we would use, which happens to be one of my favorites.
Favorite wedding tradition would probably be the father-daughter dance. I’m very close to my father so it’s nice to have that “special” time together before everything gets really crazy afterwards and in the near future. It just seems like everything stops and you can relax a little.
My experience at Sophia’s Bridal Tux & Prom is great. I love getting to know the brides on a more personal level and being able to help them pick out “the” dress that will absolutely make their day special. I want the groom to say “WOW! I’m glad she’s marrying me and I’m so incredibly lucky.”
Vara - Welcome to the team! Feel free to show her some support by leaving her a comment.......
Up next..... Molly Milano!


Setting the Mood said...

Congrats Vara!

Welcome to the crazy world of event planning. I can't wait to meet you both in person!

Shana said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of event planning Vara! It's a lot of hard work, but well worth it in the end. :)

Newport Nuptials said...

Congrats and good luck! Yuo both have my dream job! :)

vara said...

Thank you for everyone who has welcomed me into the event planning industry. Also, a big thank you to Erika for allowing me to be part of her team. I am very blessed to have this unbelievable opportunity and can't wait to get started. YAY!

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