18 September 2008

Your rehearsal and rehearsal meal

It seems like every rehearsal I see on Bridezillas {my Sunday guilty indulgence - until I can't take the bridezillas anymore:)}is a giant fiasco. Unfortunately, I think there are alot of weddings out there that are a lot less organized than they should be. If you are a DIY bride, then I have a few suggestions for you. My brides can rest assured that I use all of these so your rehearsal runs smoothly.

  • Why not have it earlier in the day? Most times, people are tired and antsy because it's LATE. Move it up and you have people with more energy.

  • Have your rehearsal meal before you rehearse. This fills your attendants tummies AND gives them a chance to "catch up" with people they haven't seen in a while.

  • If you are a DIY bride, make sure you specify ONE person to run the rehearsal. Make sure they are clear on your vision. I would still suggest you get a day or month of coordinator. You will be glad you did - trust me.

Don't forget to take:

  • Copy of vows

  • Copy of readings

  • Important phone numbers

  • Wedding shoes (to practice walking)

  • Wedding day schedule to distribute to Wedding party

  • Gifts for your wedding party (given at the rehearsal dinner)

  • Directions to the rehearsal dinner location ( give out beforehand if you have the rehearsal meal BEFORE the rehearsal.

  • Ribbon bouquet

  • Ring Pillow

  • Flower girl basket

Have a LOVE-ly Day!

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