02 September 2008

Inspiration Tuesday

The unofficial last day of summer was yesterday. Of course, it is a little bittersweet for me. On one hand, it will soon be time to stop wearing sandals and no hose. On the other hand, it creates a whole new color scheme for weddings. Mind you, you should feel free to use whatever color combo you wish - it is YOUR wedding after all. Who says you can't have a Christmas theme in the summer? After all, the Christmas decorations were in some stores in July. Anyway, think of different ways to use the fall colors for your wedding. One color combo I love is green and brown. Such a rich color scheme and you can find awesome shades of both right now. I would suggest using the richer tones at this point. Throw in some gold and you have a beautiful basis to start picking cakes, dresses, linens, etc. Think of a rustic site for your wedding - this colors are wonderful in this type of venue.

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