12 September 2008

Will you be my.......

............bridesmaid, maid of honor or flower girl? He's popped the question to you. More than likely, he planned some sort of surprise or romantic way to ask. He probably spent months or weeks practicing and planning what he would say to you. Now it's your turn to do the asking. Your attendants - that is. Hopefully, you have given or will give a lot of consideration as to who will be in your party. Sisters, very close friends, cousins, etc. - whoever it is , take the time to really make it special for them. I have been doing my wedding research - like most days- and found some of the coolest things to present to your potential attendees.

Some ideas are:

  • Plan a luncheon and present each person with a letter written especially for them
  • Have pictures frames engraved with " Will you be my bridesmaids(etc,) and a nice picture of the two of you in it.
  • Plan a shopping trip near a bridal shop and while window shopping, ask them which dress they would like to wear to YOUR wedding?

What ideas do you have for asking ?

Photos courtesy: Mindy Weiss, An Atlanta Bride, Cookie Pots, Bella Regalo


Sincerely, Katasha {at} K Sherrie+Company Weddings said...

Actually--some men these days DON'T plan something romantic. My very good friend was just proposed to today. . .in the beauty shop. . .while she was under the hair dryer. . .


Le'Penn Designs said...

These are such nice ideas that I wish I would have done for my girls. Thank you for visiting my blog! I'll be back to read more of your previous posts :o)

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