15 September 2008

Engagement photos

I absolutely love engagement photos. Something about them seems so sweet. Could it be that it is the happiest time of the couples life up to that point? I think so. Everything is full of possibility and that is what I see in the pictures. It is also such a wonderful way to get to know your photographer BEFORE the big day. I would suggest going to some of you favorite places and having shots taken. Don't be afraid to have your photographer take candid shots as well. Chat with each other while they are shooting. I guarantee one of you will say something that will have the other in tears ( happy) or laughing creating a wonderful picture. You can also take several outfits just to spice it up. Have a pet? Why not include your pet on a few shots. You'll be glad you did. Enjoy the photos I have included a few by some AMAZING photographers : Megan W Photography, Erin Hession.

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